Notes on Ilios
Notes on Ilios


This book is no longer available for sale.

Notes on Ilios

Last updated on 2014-10-01

About the Book

I have retired this and Ilios because I don't have time to fix up all the problems I've come to be aware of in Ilios, and I don't want anyone else downloading either of them until I do have time.

Chapter-by-chapter notes on Ilios, pointing out all the places where I diverged from the original myths, and explaining many cases where I used lesser-known variations instead of the more standard texts.

Released for free, because how could I possibly ask anyone to pay for something like this?

Unlikely to make the least bit of sense if you haven't read Ilios, however.

I should point out that this is in need of an update.  Mostly because somehow the Achilleis of Statius had somehow slipped under my radar, so I couldn't address it in my notes.  Now that I know about it, I can correct my statement that no ancient author made Lycomedes ignorant of the fact that Achilles was actually a boy, because Statius did, in fact, make Lycomedes ignorant of Achilles' true gender.  (That's probably the biggest change that will be made in the next update, adding that information...)

About the Author

Charlotte Benton
Charlotte Benton

Charlotte Benton is working on a Master's Degree in History.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • “Artemis”
  • “Peleus”
  • “Thetis”
  • “Hermes”
  • “Paris”
  • “Aethra”
  • “Menelaos”
  • “Pyrrha”
  • “Helenos”
  • “Calchas”
  • “Telephos”
  • “Iphigenia”
  • “Protesilaos”
  • “Cycnos”
  • “Antenor”
  • “Troilos”
  • “Aeneas”
  • “Palamedes”
  • “Chryses”
  • “Agamemnon”
  • “Zeus”
  • “Helen”
  • “Athene”
  • “Diomedes”
  • “Teukros”
  • “Phoinix”
  • “Nestor”
  • “Polydamas”
  • “Antilochos”
  • “Patroclos”
  • “Meriones”
  • “Briseis”
  • “Hector”
  • “Iphis”
  • “Priam”
  • “Penthesileia”
  • “Achilles”
  • “Memnon”
  • “Apollo”
  • “Aias”
  • “Pyrrhos”
  • “Philoctetes”
  • “Oenone”
  • “Odysseus”
  • “Neoptolemos”
  • “Laocoon”
  • “Idomeneus”
  • “Deiphobos”
  • “Demophon”
  • “Anchises”
  • “Talthybios”
  • “Cassandra”

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