Arse First Method of Technical Blogging
Arse First Method of Technical Blogging
Arse First Method of Technical Blogging

Last updated on 2014-05-25

About the Book

Why write this book ? Well, um. My guilty secret is simply that I am tired of being asked. Co-workers, readers, bloggers and friends are constantly asking how I find the time to write ? What tools do you use ? How do you know what to write about ? I'm tired of answering the same question over and over so I just decided to write it down instead (like many of my own blog posts).

That's a tip right there.

I started my own blog at in January 2008 and since then I've published more than 1350 blog posts at a reasonably regular pace. My journey in "media" continues today as I've expanded to include podcasting at , public speaking, presenting & semi-professional writing into my fun bag of things to do when not working for my day job. During that time, I've worked out many different methods or systems for keeping myself on track, to keep focussed and keep delivering more writing. This book presents the systems that have stood the test of time for me. Hopefully, they will help you to start blogging too.

I'll be covering my very special "arse-first" writing method that makes short form technical writing easier & achievable for anyone. I'll discuss your attitude, help you find the technical voice that brings your inner nerd to life. I'll provide some suggestions on things you should do & some tips on what not to do. They are both equally important. Finally, I'll offer some of my more advanced tips on the technical writing process and ways you can build your own style.

About the Author


Greg Ferro is a Freelance Network Architect & Engineer currently working in Great Britain for Fortune 100 companies. He has spent most of the last decade designing, building and operating data centre networks and security gateways. 

He is well known for his EtherealMind blog which has become well known for commentary, insight, analysis and opinion. 

He is more well known as the co-host of the Packet Pushers Podcast - a weekly podcast on data networking. Covering all areas of networking, Packet Pushers is a roundtable discussion from users, customers and vendors to cover the networking industry. Mostly focussed on Enterprise and Cloud networking. The show is highly opinionated, technical, nerdy, sponsored by vendors, and reaches an audience in excess of 10000 people per week. 

Greg also writes regularly for mainstream media such as GigaOm, Network Computing and Tech Target (among others) where he covers a range of networking topics including product and strategy from the vendors, technology reviews and 'coalface' experiences.

He has some certifications like CCIE#6920 and stuff but that doesn't mean he knows everything but he has a good start on being able to learn stuff quickly. 

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