Letters to Nina
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Letters to Nina

A sociopolitical commentary on Uganda

About the Book

Letter to Nina is a sociopolitical commentary on Uganda arising out of a 2 year debate between Drew Ddembe a blogger based on facebook and twitter. Nina Mbabazi Rukikaire writes a column as a social critic in a leading daily. She is also an NRM young Turk and the daughter of Uganda's prime minister Hon Amama Mbabazi, an NRM historical and one of its most powerful founding members. Nina received public recognition for her role in the re election ofPresident Museveni and the NRM.

President Museveni, the man who said that "the problem with africa was leaders who did not want to retire from power" has been ruling for now 26 years and is widely believed to have no plans for retirement in the near future. Amama Mbabazi is thought to be interested in taking over but President Museveni has been on record as saying that he could see no one in his party suitable to take over from him.

About the Author

Drew Ddembe
Drew Ddembe

Drew Ddembe has an interest in Ugandan social issues and in particular health. He takes President Museveni literally by believing that, quote "the provision of services is the business of government. Any government that does not provide services to the people has no business being in power". Twenty six years later, President Museveni and his NRM government have failed to deliver services to the people yet they contradict themselves by insisting on continuing to hold onto power!

Drew Ddembe is a nom de plume.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drew.ddembe

Blog: htps://ddembe.wordpress.com

Table of Contents

    • State capture and the Bahima debate
    • Opposition politics, think tanks and national conferences.
    • If you guys are going to talk about patriotism, you need to start putting your money where your mouth is!
    • Never kick a man already on the ground!!!
    • Learning to share the loot!
    • When the chickens come home to roost!
    • The vermin of Africa are rising up!
    • Paesants in suits should not be allowed to sign away Ugandans future!
    • Banange what has Nagenda been drinking?
    • The rats are burning down the house!
    • Banange Mukula is really raining on Museveni’s party!
    • How do you put lipstick on a pig?
    • AIP Ariongs blood is on the hands of the NRM government!
    • I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say It
    • Of paying homage to mediocrity and the lack of vision!
    • PM Amama Mbabazi will have to hunt down and kill his own animal!
    • Museveni has never had a vision for the provision of adequate healthcare services to ugandans!
    • The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.
    • President Museveni’s address to the nation
    • Museveni’s rioting soldiers and policemen
    • Nina -why can’t Amama lead the NRM and this country?
    • Who exactly is in charge in Kampala?
    • A golden oldie; do you guys have any analysts?
    • A victory all up in a puff of smoke.
    • We need term limits back
    • Why Museveni needs to retire, the NRM needs to die to grow stronger and Besigye, Mao and Otunnu need to talk.
    • Banange whats with the panic?
    • If the Museveni of 1986 met the Museveni of 2011, he would have him shot on sight.
    • Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it!
    • The ultimate truth is penultimately always a falsehood.
    • Impatient young men … are tempted to turn to revolt because no notice is taken of their questions.
    • Mahogany, Kalyogs and your people who are never going to get it?
    • Overgovernance; we can conclude that the NRM government is useless to Ugandans
    • Random answers on health in UG.
    • Health -Using figures to tell lies!
    • Why bundibugyo and Kabale should sack their politicians and recruit more doctors instead.
    • We all have big mouths! How comes only Banyankole get shut up with fat brown envelopes?
    • Of scholarships kept under the bed and distributed on the bed!
    • Patriotism and national guidance preached by dishonourble women!
    • When rats start to desert a sinking ship!
    • IGP’s press conference -Kayihura needs a refresher course on crowd psychology and crowd control!
    • What does the state of the economy say about public confidence in the current government?
    • MTN, FDC, cyber freedoms and politics in Uganda
    • Museveni’s rioting soldiers and policemen; time to make exit plans
    • Predictions -Museveni will be removed by his own people not the opposition
    • 2011 elections -Quick thoughts!
    • Of illusions -post 2011 election
    • Of ticks and fatted bulls!
    • The paesant Generals are only fit or bulungi bwansi not to run a modern country!
    • Lunacy is when you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result!
    • Lots of things!
    • Museveni’s children -taking our country back!
    • Selective justice -when young men die for old men! The story of Chandi Jamwa
    • For how long are we supposed to be beholden to those who fought?
    • Poking a beehive -to see what comes out!
    • Footsoldiers questioning their seniors
    • Les vainqueurs prennent immédiatement les vices des vaincus
    • The teachers of this country are very angry!
    • Too little too late -government by crisis
    • Defending my sweetheart!
    • Letter to Nina -who exactly is running state house right now?
    • Does anyone listen to FB debates?
    • Bwindi hospital -why are strangers doing our governments job?
    • Nina, Ssegawa is so off point and is selfish, arrogant, lacks empathy and sensitivity to teachers!!!
    • You really need to let Ingrid turinawe go free!
    • Someone is reshuffling the succession queue!
    • With you guys in power, Ugandans need to count their knives and forks!
    • When winners lose by winning!
    • The NRM is corrupt -no amount of spin is going to change that!
    • Does the NRM really need new laws to fight corruption?
    • When are you guys going to go home?
    • Now you think you can teach me about patriotism?
    • Katayimbwa murders and the elusive NRM peace and security!
    • Will the children of NRM politicians help Ugandans escort their fathers back to their villages?
    • Sugar is going to topple your regime!
    • Nina -the confirmation hearings are a sham!
    • Hospital beds and NRM incompetence in health.
    • Ugandan roads. When potholes are an insult to potholes!
    • Ugandan health services -why does Uganda lose doctors to Rwanda!
    • Temangalo -response from the people
    • Stories of war
    • What does it profit a man, to gain the world, and lose his soul?
    • How a man could regain his soul
    • First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist…..
    • Bad manners fighting over food

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