99 Cent Wealth by Bill Keck [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
99 Cent Wealth
99 Cent Wealth
99 Cent Wealth

Last updated on 2015-07-26

About the Book

99 Cent Wealth is a young person's guide to wealth.   Learn to unlock the incredible power of time and money.  Put yourself on the fast track to success. 

Wriitten by highly rated computer programming author Bill Keck, this is a must read for anyone under 30 who wishes to become wealthy in their lifetime.  The book includes real-world techniques and specifics on how to achieve wealth and success in ways that are open to everyone.  

99 Cent Wealth helps you realize your full potential for success.  Easy to read and follow, anyone can do it.

Our wealth building techniques include:

  • How to calculate the value of money
  • How maximize your cash flow
  • How to maximize your time
  • How to leverage your time to incresae the value of your money
  • How to create a lifelong plan for great success

99 Cent Wealth is best investment you will ever make.  It will unleash a lifetime of wealth-building capabilities for you.  The book has been reduced in price to make it accessible to everyone.  Take control of your cash flow and begin building wealth today.

About the Author

Bill Keck
Bill Keck

Bill Keck has written a highly rated technical book, Yii 2 For Beginners, which has been independently rated and reviewd at GoodReads.com.  He also maintains 2 technical blogs, PHP frameworks and Laravel Tips, which are oriented toward PHP programming.  He is also the CEO of Serrf, Corp.

It is in his work as a computer engineer that Bill Keck discovered programming algorithms that could be applied to creating wealth.  He first applied those concepts himself and saw immediate results, which he has decided to share with the public.

Bill Keck is also actively involved in volunteer work, helping beginners learn computer programming through his various blogs.  He believes in contributing to community success and his blogs reflect that. 

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