Victorious series
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Victorious series

About the Book

Hello dear reader,

how are you doing ?

I am doing good, and I am very excited

because I have translated all 10

books from my first series.

It has taken me some time to get it done,

because I have a business to run as you probably know, and a lot of greetingcards to sell.

Besides that I have also kept writing new books,

and completed my 2nd series (Work to shine series).

I have also finished a title of my 3rd series (mama Azema series)

Isn't that cute ? My mama's name as a series.

And I have written 2 titles for my

4th series, the You legend series.

But by now I have only translated my first series into English, and I am very happy

to give you 10 books in this convenient bundle.

You receive :

book #1 Build your fortune (to improve your finances with this patented financial system)

book #2 Moneymaker (to improve your business)

book #3 Recipe for Happiness (to reduce stress and live healthier and happier)

book #4 the lifebuoy for banks ' loyal banking ' (to save the bank)

book #5 the Ultimate Winning Strategy for entrepreneurs ( to focus and improve your sales & business)

book #6 Poems, jokes and book (to enjoy and laugh)

book #7 Victory (true story)

book #8 Victory II (sequel of the true story)

book #9 Always work & always money in your pocket, every day (true story about the greatest work ever)

book #10 Things you do not want to know (my embaressing experiences, to see that yours are not that bad and to make you laugh and smile)

{350 pages in total}

Have a great time reading...

And share and spread the good word

about my work, if you enjoy it.

Besides an exciting and true story,

my autobiography (book Victory and book Victory II) there are also books

that can help you to change your life.

So I hope that you will do the things

that you learn about money, finance ,business, and perhaps getting a job for life in sales or doing it parttime,

like Jim Rohn says :

''there is magic in making profits parttime''

and about happiness....

So that you end up not just enjoying a

good book,

but that you experience more financial security,

perhaps build a fortune,

have lots of fun watching comedy

and by doing so get stress out of your life,

and ofcourse start living with more


I wish for you all the best,

kind regards,

Jasmin hajro

P.S. Everything in my books is true and works,

get this bundle and make it work for you.

P.P.S. The title of a very famous book should actually be : DO and grow rich

So, the things in my books about money , saving , investing, sales and happiness,

will help you to change your life,

if you DO them...

''One of my books is called : Action as a strategy

and there is a very good reason for that

because it's taking action, making the effort, doing the work

and taking more action, that gets things done , and that gets results

and life change.

About the Author

Jasmin Hajro
Jasmin Hajro

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am the founder of establishment Hajro, Hajro Group &

foundation Giveth Life. And the author of 23 books, which are available (in Dutch & English) in 190 countries worldwide.

Establishment Hajro specializes in direct selling sets of birthday greetingcards.

We now have self designed gold colored Unique ones.

And donates part of it's proceeds to more than 40 charities in the Netherlands.

My first series of books (Victorious Series) is finished and you can get all 10 books in 1 convenient bundle :

the Greatest, best & most spectacular book in the world.

My second series (Work to shine series) is also finished and you can get all 10 books in

1 bundle : Work to shine serie (in Dutch)

I am still working on my third series (Mama Azema series) 1 book : Voor jou, is finished,

the rest you can get as preorder. (in Dutch)

Being a workaholic I have also started working on my forth series of books (You legend series) and have written and published 2 titles:Grote ballen

Visit me at

Causes Supported

Shine Literacy

Words can change worlds

Shine Literacy is a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve literacy outcomes for young children from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Working in partnership with teachers, volunteers and parents, our evidence-based programmes provide effective and sustained support to children as they learn to read and write, helping to foster a life-long love of books and learning.

Shine Literacy is an award-winning leader in Foundation Phase literacy innovation in South Africa. Since its inception in 2000, Shine has taken an entrepreneurial approach to tackling the country’s stubborn and unacceptably low literacy rates. Focusing on developing the reading, writing and speaking skills of Grade Two and Three children from disadvantaged communities, Shine aims to support children to engage effectively with learning by the time they finish the Foundation Phase of schooling.

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