Vagrant CookBook by Erika Heidi [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Vagrant CookBook
Vagrant CookBook
Vagrant CookBook

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Completed on 2017-01-27

About the Book

Portable and Disposable environments for effective development

How many times did you hear the sentence "it works on my machine"? With Vagrant, this excuse won't cut anymore. Your environments will be exactly the way you want them to be, targeting specific projects for different needs. Portable, disposable and reproducible. As easy as cloning a repository and running "vagrant up".

This book covers from basic to advanced concepts on Vagrant, including important ProTips to improve your Vagrant projects and to avoid common mistakes. It is updated to cover recent features like Vagrant Share and Vagrant Push.

Configuration Management Tools

Vagrant Cookbook comes with quick guides to 3 of the most popular configuration management tools out there, which can be used as provisioners for Vagrant: Ansible, Puppet and Chef. Following the guide, a practical example will show you how to provision a basic web server running Nginx with PHP 7. Choose the tool you like the most!

Recipes for common tasks

The book also includes useful recipes for common tasks, written in Ansible, Puppet and Chef.

Code Samples

The complete provisioner examples are available for free on GitHub.


Vagrant Cookbook targets beginner to intermediate users, also serving as a quick getting-started guide for Ansible, Puppet and Chef.


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About the Author

Erika Heidi
Erika Heidi

As a Linux user since that time when you had to run startx to get any graphic experience, Erika Heidi started her carreer as SysAdmin, changing her focus to development after some years and embracing PHP as her main language - in 2003. Although development is her passion, she still likes the operational stuff, which turns to be a nice combination for devops.

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