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About the Book

Agile projects place emphasis on early and continuous delivery of valuable software, according to the business objectives and the needs of the primary users.  Lean product creation promotes incremental release of the product--MVP, the minimum viable product, or the simpler version of a product that can be made available to the business.

But how to understand the MVP and start an agile project as quickly as possible? How to ensure the team start the product creation with a shared understanding and an effective plan?

This book provides you with a recipe, the technique "To the Point": a sequence of activities to understand and plan for the incremental delivery of MVPs. This technique organizes product ideas and features in a model that helps to kick start the product creation on a proven track. These are some of the recipe activities (or ingredients): product vision, product objectives, personas, features, prioritization, user journeys, mapping values ​​, understanding risk and effort, estimation, capacity planning, MVP understanding and MVP sequencing.

This book is a translation into English of Direto ao ponto which was originally written in Português.

About the Author

Paulo Caroli
Paulo Caroli

For the past nine years, Paulo Caroli has been practicing agile software development. Every agile project Paulo has worked on started with a few weeks for shared understanding and a product backlog creation: Inception. With the advent of Lean MVP (2010), long Inceptions and product backlogs were no longer desirable. Since then, Pàulo has been working on a recipe for Lean Inceptions, which is shared on this book.

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Lean Inception
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Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Acknowledgments
    • How to read this book
      • Building the right product
      • Preparing for the workshop
      • Running the Lean Inception
      • Appendix
  • Building the right product
    • Developing products that matters
      • Inception, the beginning of an agile project
      • Why is it called The Lean Inception?
      • Why a Lean Inception?
      • The lean inception agenda
    • Minimum Viable Product
      • Origin
      • MVP enhancement
      • Small hypothesis, great businesses
      • A sample MVP evolution plan
      • Wide view, minimum product
      • Valuable, Usable and Feasible
      • The WOW factor
      • Be careful not to break the bridge
      • Legacy and organized blocks
      • Sales Funnel - AARRR
      • Schedule a Lean Inception!
  • Preparing for the workshop
    • The Lean Inception workshop
      • Collaboration
      • Have fun with Icebreakers
      • Placing
      • The war room
      • Colored post-its
      • The Burn-up Agenda
      • The fixed time slots and the burn-up agenda
      • The Inception Facilitator Role
      • Parking Lot
      • The Inception planning checklist
  • Running the Lean Inception
    • Write the Product Vision
    • The product Is – Is not – Does – Does not
      • Clearing the objective
      • Understanding trade-offs
    • Describe the Personas
      • Quadrants to identify types of personas
      • Creating Empathy Maps
    • Features brainstorming
    • Technical, User eXperience and Business Review
      • Technical Certainty and Business Agreement
      • Effort, User eXperience and Business Value
    • Show the User Journeys
    • Display Features in Journeys
    • Sequence the Features
      • The Feature Sequencer
      • The Feature Sequencer Waves
      • The rules for each wave
      • Converging rules and journeys
      • Identifying MVPs in the Feature Sequencer
    • Calculating effort, time and cost
      • Detailing sample features into tasks
      • Sizing
      • Understanding cost and time
      • Calculating the average for a wave
    • Build the MVP Canvas
      • Filling in the MVP Canvas
      • The feature sequencer and the MVP Canvas
      • Segmented Personas
      • Features
      • Journeys
      • Hypotheses Driven Development
      • MVP Vision, Cost and Schedule
      • The MVP strategy
  • Appendix
    • Appendix A - Example of a Lean Inception
      • Introduction
      • Kick-off
      • Write the Product Vision
      • The Product Is – Is Not - Does – Does Not
      • Understanding goals
      • Describe the Personas
      • Discover the Features
      • Technical, UX and Business Review
      • Show the User Journeys
      • Display Features in Journeys
      • Sequence the Features
      • Build the MVP Canvas
    • Appendix B - Glossary
      • Product Vision
      • Goals
      • Personas
      • Feature
      • User Journey
      • MVP
    • Appendix C - Facilitator competence levels
    • Appendix D - The Burn-up Agenda
      • The axis
      • Agenda topics
      • Agenda time marks
      • The target and the meeting pace
      • Scope line
      • Checking progress
      • Making choices
    • Appendix E - Icebreakers
      • Punctual Paulo
      • Geographic Location
      • Visual phone
      • One Two Ping Four Pong
      • Forming Triangles
      • Zip Zap Zoom
      • Untangle Yourselves
      • Balloon Battle
      • Complex Pieces
      • Collaborative Face Drawing
      • Back to Back
      • Find Your Pair
    • References
    • About the author
  • Notes

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