Thinking in Redux
Thinking in Redux
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Thinking in Redux

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Completed on 2018-07-15

About the Book

Redux is more than just another state management library for JavaScript; it is a set of tools that help

us implement a lean version of a frontend-oriented messaging system.

If you are building a single page application with a lot of asynchronous operations that constantly change the state, you should consider adopting Redux as a solution.

This book is an opinionated guide to Redux that focuses on design patterns, conventions, and practices.

While some parts of the book describe known and accepted conventions, other parts are based on my own experience and personal perspective.

Table of Contents

  • About This Book
  • Thinking in Redux
    • Construct, Dispatch, Process
    • Action in, Action out
    • Getting Started
  • Programming with Actions
    • Action Intentions
    • The Importance of Action Type Names
    • Action Payload and Metadata
    • Action Construction
    • Thinking in Actions
    • Actions Summary
  • Action Routing Patterns
    • Core and Feature Middleware
    • Feature Middleware as Action Routers
    • The Books Feature Middleware
    • The API Core Middleware
    • Putting It All Together
    • Routing Patterns Summary
  • Action Transforming Patterns
    • The Normalize Core Middleware
    • The Notification Core Middleware
    • Transforming Patterns Summary
  • Utilities Middleware
    • The Logger Middleware
    • The Action Splitter Middleware
    • Utilities Middleware Summary
  • Reducer Enhancers
    • Definition
    • The Undoable Reducer Enhancer
    • Implementing a State Freezer
    • Reducer Enhancers Summary
  • Selectors
    • Feature Selectors
    • Query Selectors
    • Memoized Selectors
    • Selectors Summary
  • Naming Conventions & Project Structure
    • Folder Structure
    • Actions
    • Middleware
    • Reducers
    • Reducer Enhancers
    • Query Selectors
    • The Store
    • Naming Conventions Summary
  • Resources and Next Steps
    • Libraries for Cleaner Code
    • Alternative Middleware Implementations
    • Recommended Reading
    • Book Examples and More

About the Author

Nir Kaufman
Nir Kaufman

Google Developer Expert for web technologies, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor, and community leader.

Principal Frontend developer & consultant for 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy in NYC.

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