The Artisan Files
The Artisan Files
The Artisan Files

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Completed on 2015-04-12

About the Book

Just before the Laravel conference in New York, I had the idea to start a new community series on Laravel News. I dreamed of doing a weekly series where I would interview various people within the ecosystem. I thought this would be a great way of getting to know some of the people on a more personal level, and hopefully show that we are all just a fellowship of like-minded people. All sharing our love for development.

I asked Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel if he would be interested in being interviewed. With no hesitation, he said yes, and that is how the series began. Since that first interview, the series has been a success and something that a lot of people look forward to each week.

One of my favorite parts about the Artisan Files: reading about people’s workstations and favorite apps. - Taylor Otwell

The format of the series is question and answer and although some questions overlap from week to week, I do try and personalize it around the person’s background and interests. This volume contains 9 interviews and you can find the first volume from the Laravel News website.

This is not a typical “tech style” book in that it isn’t teaching you any new skills directly. However, by reading about the people you can find out lots of interesting information. Daily routines, their go to apps and software, and, above all, little bits of inspiration that is hard to find in 140 characters.

This volume features interviews with the following people: 

  • Jack McDade
  • Eric Barnes
  • Bob Bloom
  • Alex Dover
  • Chris Gmyr 
  • Sara Bine
  • Mitchell van Wijngaarden
  • Mathias Hansen
  • Jonathan Deaves

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About the Author

Eric L. Barnes
Eric L. Barnes

Eric L. Barnes runs and operates Laravel News, a site bringing the Laravel community all the latest news and information about the framework, and is a full-time product engineer. He has worked with PHP and various web technologies for the past 14 years.

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