The 80/20 Of Software Development
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The 80/20 Of Software Development

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About the Book

The 80/2o of Software Development is the manifesto of the smart and lazy programmer.

In any activity, there are clear tradeoffs when taking action. As a smart developer, you can structure your code,  use your time, and deal with legacy code much more effectively.

  • Enjoy your work.
  • Get boatloads done in very little time.
  • Create high quality code without writing thousands of tests that prove what you already know.
  • Use certain language features to make sure that your code always remains easy to modify and understand.
  • Avoid wasting your time creating features no one ever finds.
  • Spend as much time as possible creatively solving problems.
  • Future-proof your code with lazy evaluation, so it’s easy to get rid of dead code.
  • Quickly Find elegant ways of solving problems
  • Overcome high coupling and low cohesion
  • Simplify processes, to get to the essence of things faster.
  • Remove internal blocks to rapid progress within software companies.
  • Use their time much more effectively by applying the 80/20 principle
  • Get into creative flow much easier

About the Author

Luke Szyrmer
Luke Szyrmer

Lukasz Szyrmer is a highly rated technical author on, an award-winning public speaker, a mentor, teacher, and community activist. He enjoys the challenge of distilling complex technical and organizational ideas down to their essence, so that others can benefit. He has previously inspired many people to systematic self-improvement.

He currently develops multithreaded, real-time financial software for hedge funds in C++ and C#. Luke learned to code as a child, fascinated by software, well enough to become an embedded C developer after earning an Economics degree from Penn. In addition to a MSc in finance, he is also a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The rhythms of software development
  • 2. Do Less Of What Doesn’t Work
    • 2.1 The 80/20 Rule Applied To Software Development
    • 2.2 Why Don’t We See This Intuitively?
    • 2.3 Users Care about 20% of your Painstakingly Crafted Features
    • 2.4 Each Bug Tells You Where 80% of Your Other Bugs Are
    • 2.5 Your Features Spend 80% of Your Development Time Waiting in Queues Caused by One Bottleneck
    • 2.6 So What Does This Mean?
  • 3. Prediciting the creation of 80/20 distributions: 80/20 over time
    • 3.1 In the beginning, there was a strange attractor
    • 3.2 Positive Feedback Loops
    • 3.3 Negative feedback gets rid of what doesn’t work
    • 3.4 Thresholds and viral change:
  • 4. Chaos Theory is 80/20 Over Time
  • 5. The 80/20 of Developing Software
    • 5.1 Work Smart
    • 5.2 Programmers solve problems
    • 5.3 Solving the critical 20%
    • 5.4 The main tasks of a programmer
    • 5.5 do one thing at a time
    • 5.6 when working, focus on the details intensely, so you don’t need to otherwise
    • 5.7 Challenges of Discovering/Evolving the “Right” Architecture
    • 5.8 Pomodoro Technique for Programmers
  • 6. The 80/20 of Test Driven Development
    • 6.1 Tests enforce flexibility, by keeping the cost of change low
    • 6.2 Does TDD makes sense for you
    • 6.3 Starting From Scratch
    • 6.4 Doing Nothing At All, Nada, Zip
    • 6.5 Interfaces
    • 6.6 Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
    • 6.7 Pretending With Stubs and Mocks (Nanny, nanny, boo, boo)
    • 6.8 Unit Testing
    • 6.9 Automated Acceptance Testing
    • 6.10 Why bother, then?
  • 7. The 80/20 Of Maintaining Legacy Code
    • 7.1 Testy, testy
    • 7.2 Is there a middle ground?
    • 7.3 Inheritance is a poor cousin of interfaces
    • 7.4 Why do interfaces work..better?
    • 7.5 How does this help you resolve the “legacy problem”?
  • 8. The 80/20 of Less Features
  • 9. The 80/20 of Project Slack (The 20% Time Paradox)
    • 9.1 What
    • 9.2 How
    • 9.3 What If

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