The Tao of tmux
The Tao of tmux
The Tao of tmux

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Completed on 2017-02-22

About the Book

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The Tao of tmux is an evolution of my feature introduction for new users written years ago. What can be said is since then, I've used tmux every day of my life on OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. That's locally and on remote machines I connect to via SSH. Oh, and even Windows 10 users can get a taste of it.

I first presented my original introduction to tmux at Software Freedom Day at Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大学) in 2013. It's after I coded tmuxp, my first python project designed to manage tmux sessions in convenient YAML and JSON configs. Since then, I've splintered tmuxp into libtmux, an object API build on top of tmux' well-designed CLI controls.

There is no one way to use tmux. It is designed to leave that control up to the user. You can use it purely to keep a process running in the background to resume it another time. You can use it to split one screen into multiple terminals, copy and paste between them, resize them. You can make it part of your daily life, or you can just keep it in your tool belt for a rainy day. There's no one true way, but there is a Tao, and you have to journey to find it yourself. To do that, you have to try.

And you don't need this book to do it. The tmux manual is great. Google is great. Other books are out there. My original overview of tmux is still available free. But I wanted to take a chance to do it my way and to have it available to the world.

About the Author

Tony Narlock
Tony Narlock

Tony Narlock is an open source software contributor who has collaborated with programmers at home and abroad on open source projects and startups. 

Since 2008, he worked at startup companies in NYC and SF, and has lectured at schools and universities at home and abroad. He has worked as a founding engineer at a YCombinator company, an acquihire, and has advised tens of companies on technology decisions in adtech.

Feeling the system of intellectual property for proprietary software unjustly disenfranchises developers, he found refuse in open source software projects, where the public, not miserly corporations recieve the benefits of the software. In open source he's sheperded virally-licensed software projects to permissive software licenses, stripping code complex licensing terms that discentivizes downstream and upstream adopters.

Tony has a good sense of reciprocity, he has patched over 100 open source projects since 2008, not including the projects he founded. 

Along with being the author of The Tao of tmux, he wrote tmuxp and libtmux, python libraries used to load projects and pilot tmux. In addition, he is the author of the Tao of tmux, a popular and freely available introduction to the tmux program.

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