The Best Way To Learn JS
The Best Way To Learn JS
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The Best Way To Learn JS

Last updated on 2019-02-25

About the Book

This book is based on a tried and tested learning methodology.

This learning methodology will give you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time!

Along the way, you'll learn how to build truly useful apps in JavaScript, which will speed up your workflow and help you with your daily tasks.

About the Author

Ajdin Imsirovic
Ajdin Imsirovic

Ajdin Imsirovic is a developer and designer with over 2 decades of experience on the web.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • The Problem of Learning: Does the World Really Need Another JavaScript Book?
    • What We’re Building
  • Chapter 1: The Absolute Basics
    • A Function is A Machine
  • Chapter 2: The Quick Prototype App
    • Before We Build the App
    • Building the Quick Prototyper App
    • Start Building the Quick Prototyper snippet
    • Checking for Equality and Running our Code Conditionally
    • Adding a Second Component to Quick Prototyper
    • Passing Custom Arguments to Our Function Calls Based on User Input
    • Prompting For Multiple Components At a Time
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Events in JavaScript
    • What are Events in JavaScript
    • Inline Event Handlers
    • How JavaScript Deals with Events
    • Stopping Event Propagation
    • Add an Event Handler to our Page Dynamically
    • The Event Object
  • Chapter 4: Improving the UX on Quick Prototyper
    • Adding Buttons To our App
    • Adding the Navbar to our QuickPrototyper
    • List of Updates Made to QuickPrototyperV10
  • Chapter 5: Adding a Rich Text Editor to Quick Prototyper
    • Adding the textToEdit and popUpEditor divs
    • Styling the popUpEditor

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