The Viner Dimension
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The Viner Dimension

About the Book

Alan is bequeathed the contents of an old farm-house. As he explores the house, he discovers hints that something odd has been happening there, with objects and incidents that just don't make sense.

When a demolition-order is placed on the house, he faces a race against time to rescue as much as he can before everything is destroyed. But when the diggers come to demolish the house, things turn a whole lot stranger, challenging our everyday notions of what is real and what is not.

From what he's found from the house, and other clues that arrive from elsewhere, Alan slowly pieces together a picture of the shadowy world of the Commonwealth and the Viner Codex. It's a world of "weird politics, weird plant-things, weird battles in which nobody dies" - a world that exists in parallel to our own, yet also intersects with it in subtle yet seemingly-unpredictable ways.

For Alan, this becomes a quest to explore if, and how, to incorporate more of the Commonwealth into his own life - and into our real-world lives too.

Set in the recent past in rural England, this blog-like story provides a first-person introduction to the bewildering world of the Viner Codex.

For more details on the story and its storyworld, see the Viner Codex website at .

About the Author

Tom Graves
Tom Graves

Tom Graves is probably best-known as a writer on subjects in the 'alternative' domains, such as dowsing (water-divining), earth-mysteries research and the relationship between science, technology and magic. Yet he has also done extensive research and writing on a wide range of other themes, including business-models, personal-development and gender-issues. The common theme in all of his work is explorations of how people learn new skills - the development of sensemaking, decision-making, judgement and awareness in discovering new capabilities for and of themselves.

For more information on Tom and his work, visit his personal website or his more business-oriented weblog at . 

Table of Contents

  • Where to start?
  • Lawyer’s letter
  • Bequest
  • A good-year house
  • Into the kitchen
  • Viner Codex
  • Spinning-wheel
  • Newspapers and title
  • Two photographs
  • Diggers
  • The house doesn’t exist
  • Title-deed
  • Forensics, and fraud
  • Council Has Decided
  • No time to waste
  • Tales from the farm-lads
  • Bagged and tagged
  • Bathroom
  • Study
  • Library
  • Conservatory
  • Upstairs
  • Uniforms
  • Bathroom, grown
  • All the way up to eleven
  • Paddy Mac
  • What have we lost?
  • Midnight? Already?
  • A different world
  • A world we’ve lost
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Flyleaf
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Tuesday 11th April
    • evening: Hotel Royal George, Harwich
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Wednesday 12th April
    • mid morning: railway station, Colchester
    • early afternoon: railway station, Norwich
    • evening, before repast: Victoria Inn, Holkham
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Thursday 13th April, first entry
    • past midnight: Victoria Inn, Holkham
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Thursday 13th April, second entry
    • breakfast: Victoria Inn
  • The Frenchman’s journal - 13th April, third entry
    • evening: Victoria Inn
  • The Frenchman’s journal - Investigation
    • Investigator’s report
  • A different kind of different
  • The one big clue
  • The house is still here!
  • Time’s up
  • Irreplaceable
  • House on the defensive
  • It’s gone
  • It may even be enough
  • Those three themes
  • Nice trick
  • Hard not to be cynical
  • It’s still only fragments
  • This is huge
  • I want the real version
  • A matter of life and death
  • He didn’t steal enough?
  • Debtor’s prison
  • Tithes and religion
  • Taxes
  • Another fine mess?
  • A sort of scorecard
  • Still as weird as ever
  • Last straw
  • It won’t accept any change
  • These coin-things
  • A world-changing moment
  • Chance and the Institution
  • The other bit that matters
  • Vinery
  • Still angry about that
  • Back to vinery
  • Memory-palace
  • Looks a bit like magic
  • Big difference
  • “I relate, therefore I am”
  • Extract from a book
  • Keep out of the fights
  • A Schrödinger’s Cat of a place
  • War is a breach of the peace
  • The causes of war
  • Quakers and Diggers
  • Persecuted, trashed, but still make it work
  • Their not-Empire
  • A protection-racket that protected
  • Equality is infectious
  • He has a lot to answer for…
  • Dependence on dependence
  • I’m not alone
  • This stuff is real
  • That leaky-many-worlds idea
  • Keep the craziness at bay
  • Pure panic on her part
  • Inside the binder-boxes
  • Elizabeth’s question
  • Get the word out
  • Pretend that it’s fiction
  • The story continues…

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