Testing Vue.js components with Jest
Testing Vue.js components with Jest
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Testing Vue.js components with Jest

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Completed on 2018-12-26

About the Book

Vue.js has become the most popular framework of 2018. People is excited about it, and that's no surprise given how productive, easy to use and flexible it is. You've probably already use it, but... Have you done testing in Vue.js?

Unit testing in modern component based JavaScript frameworks is not easy. Components are connected to each other and the browser adds a layer of UI, which makes everything so dependent while we must test components in isolation. We want the test suite to be reliable and to run fast as well.

This book shows you by practise how to test easily Vue.js components and take advantage of the fully featured Jest testing framework. It will guide you through testing styles and structure as well as testing behaviours of you Vue.js components. You'll see how to apply techniques such as snapshot testing, shallow rendering, module dependency mocking and module aliasing to make smoother and cleaner your tests.

About the Author

Alex Jover Morales
Alex Jover Morales

Vue.js core team partner. Co-organizes @AlicanteFront and Vue Day. Instructor @eggheadio at @alligatorio. Interested on Web Performance, PWA, code quality and the human side of code.

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Testing Vue.js components with Jest
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Reader Testimonials

Kirsty Forrester
Kirsty Forrester

This is the first book I've read on this topic which was actually useful. I've tried to set up module aliases for a while and now I've got it done in a couple of minutes. THANK YOU.

Paul Melero
Paul Melero

This has been the most valuable resource while learning to test Vue components so far. Thanks, @alexjoverm!

M Haris Khan
M Haris Khan

Thanks Alex! What I needed, explained very well.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Write the first Vue.js Component Unit Test in Jest
    • Set up a vue-test sample project
    • Testing a Component
    • Testing a Component with vue-test-utils
  • 2. Test Deeply Rendered Vue.js Components
    • Adding a Message Component
    • Testing MessageList with Message Component
  • 3. Test Styles and Structure
    • The Wrapper object
  • 4. Test Properties and Custom Events
    • Properties
    • Custom Events
    • Wrapping up
  • 5. Test Computed Properties and Watchers
    • Computed Properties
    • Watchers
    • Wrapping Up
  • 6. Test Methods and Mock Dependencies
    • Mock External Module Dependencies
    • Keep mocks externalized
    • Wrapping Up
  • 7. Test Vue.js Slots
    • Make MessageList slot based
    • $children and $slots
    • Testing Slots
    • Testing Named Slots
    • Testing Contextual Slot Specs
    • Wrapping
  • 8. Enhance Jest configuration with Module Aliases
    • Webpack aliases
    • Multiple aliases
    • Other solutions
    • Wrapping Up

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