Technical Leadership
Technical Leadership
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Technical Leadership

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About the Book

No matter what responsibilities are in place. No matter what your job title is: software architect, senior engineer, principal engineer, project manager or CEO. They are all shades of the same abstraction: the technical leader.

We need leaders, and eventually we want to become a really good one. Often times it is confusing still. What distinguish a manager from a leader? What distinguish a leader from a technical one in today tech world?

This book is not yet another book on influencing people and on how to communicate properly. These are massively important skills, and plenty of amazing books have been already written on these topics.

It born as a vision – often times really personal –  on who a technical leader is, how he/she acts and what it takes to be a good one. 

Leadership is talent and attitude (for the blessed) and hard work in honing a plethora of skills. This holds really true for technical leaders. Hence, in this book, we are going to focus on skills, not on job title.

This is not a teaching book. What you will get out from this book, in summary, is a - very opinionated – discussion on what makes or breaks a good technical leader. Short chapters, one step at the time. 

About the Author

Giuliana Carullo
Giuliana Carullo

Giuliana is a professional with 5+ years of experience in the Information Security field. 15+ years since she started programming and 2+ into project management. Her whole career has been driven by two key factors: curiosity and creativity. She buys the idea of building code that people (including your colleagues) will love.

Check out some of her articles:

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Technical Leadership
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Disclaimer
  • Leadership
  • Why do you want to be a leader?
  • Leadership principles of tech giants
  • The Technical Leader Diagram
  • It’s all about trust
  • And loyalty
  • Humble and caring
  • If you can’t manage your time, how will you manage your team?
  • Have a vision and know how to communicate it
  • Listen, observe and act upon it
  • Expectations
  • Don’t make it personal unless it is in the praise you give
  • Micromanaging
  • Communication
  • The happy technical leader
  • Six Degrees Of Separation
  • On limits
  • Conclusion: putting it all together
  • References
  • More from Giuliana Carullo
  • About the author
  • Feedback and Errata

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