How to Make the Media Fall in Love with Your Startup

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It used to be that if you wanted to attract media attention to your business, you had to crash some pretty sturdy gates. Today social media and blogging culture have made journalists far more accessible to anyone who wants to reach them. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge: how do you make your own story stand out from the thousands of other well-networked founders?

On August 27, 2012 public relations firm Lewis PR held a PR Startup Bootcamp in San Francisco. Over the course of several hours bloggers and journalists from TechCrunch, Pando Daily, Venture Beat, ReadWriteWeb, Time Magazine, CNET, Reuters, Forbes, San Jose Mercury News and UrbanDaddy shared their best advice for how to attract their attention. Robert Scoble also shared his advice. I bought a ticket to this conference, listened to all of the talks, and also spoke with many of the bloggers afterwards. What follows are my detailed notes from those talks and conversations, combined with advice from my experience as a professional relationship manager.

About the Author

I graduated from college just in time to catch the first dot-com crash. After a brief bout of joblessness I landed a marketing job in the online division of a major American bank. I went on to do public relations projects for the bank’s top executives, and then moved to Europe to help manage the firm’s global relationships with other large banks. I was an accidental banker and I left the profession in 2010 to scratch my entrepreneurial itch. Relationship management is my expertise, technology and writing are (just some of) my passions.

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