Continuous Improvement In A Flash
Continuous Improvement In A Flash
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Continuous Improvement In A Flash

Last updated on 2017-11-11

About the Book

About the Author

Tim Ottinger
Tim Ottinger

Tim is a long-time coder, team leader, coach, and consultant.

He is one of the crew of experts at Industrial Logic, a premier agile consultancy, eLearning vendor, and thought leader. Here Tim joins with Bill Wake, Joshua Kerievsky, and a host of other industry experts to help people develop the skills that will make them sustainably great.

Tim is a co-author of Agile In A Flash and is featured as the author of chapter 2 of Clean Code. He also is the author of the Vim tutorial Use Vim Like A Pro, which has recently migrated from a blog article to a LeanPub book.

He writes code. He likes it.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Two Hours Per Day
    • What’s wrong with dual-role?
    • What is a dual-role SM to do?
    • What is here for me?
    • What if I’m a “proper” Scrum Master
  • About This Book
    • How does it help me?
    • How complete is this book?
    • Is this scrum? Agile? XP? What?
    • Why do you say “he” all the time?
  • The Role
  • Officiating Ceremonies
    • The Sprint
    • Sprint Planning
    • Daily Standup
    • Review/Demo
    • Retrospective
  • Tracking
    • Walking Away From Utilization
    • Rejecting Individual Measurement
    • Time Elapsed to Work Completed
    • Simplified Kanban Board
    • The Kanban Method
    • Right to Left Standup
    • Niko Niko Calendar
    • Adornments
  • Removing Impediments
    • Obstruction
    • Waste
    • Politics
    • A more fluid environment
    • Invite Them In
    • Whose Job
    • Wish List
    • Round-tripper
    • Waste Snake
    • Ring of Scrum Masters
  • Increasing Capability
    • Speed through Low Quality
    • Speed through longer hours
    • Speed through efficiency
    • Distribution of Skills
    • Paper The Walls
    • The Cleanup
    • Acts of Kindness
    • Tip of the Day
    • Lunch And Learn
    • Movie Day
    • The Pair-amid
    • Code Roast
    • Mob Programming
    • Threat Radar
    • Golf
    • Kata
    • Tool Auditions
    • Hack Night
    • Expert Sits Out
  • Morale
    • Combatting “We Stink At This”
    • Purpose
  • Epilogue

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