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Showing Up

Become the Leader You feel called to be

About the Book

We are Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt.  We are your hosts on this journey.  

We uncover the strength of people to unleash their freedom of choice. We believe that increases well-being and the effectiveness of organisations. It makes work more fun.

People need safe spaces to learn who they are and what they want so that they can make healthy and creative choices.

We want to share what we have learned and what we are learning about how to create and hold these spaces, and how to help people discover a clarity of identity and choice.

We want to grow a generation of leaders  who share this with us,  who change organisations in the world into safe spaces  for people to flourish in freedom. 

About the Authors

Olaf Lewitz
Olaf Lewitz

You deserve to love what you do.

Olaf Lewitz is the Trust Artist and a Certified Enterprise Coach.

Olaf Lewitz’ purpose is to increase freedom of choice in the world. Olaf provides safe spaces for people to discover who they are and what they want, so that they make good choices. He’s been doing that for decades, as a boy scout leader, software developer, manager, consultant and coach, and found his calling in 2013 as the trust artist. Olaf believes we deserve to love what we do, and be loved for what we do. Olaf has hosted more than 100 Temenos experiences from hours to days, from a handful to hundreds of people. We want to share and improve with you how to create and hold these containers, to allow more people to discover a clarity of identity and choice. In our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy, we grow a generation of leaders who change organisations in the world into safe spaces for people to show up and to flourish in freedom.

Christine Neidhardt
Christine Neidhardt

Christine works for establishing new work environments where people are proud to work, can bring their whole person and talents in and respect and empathy allows people to show up. She is a Coach from all her heart and believes in people and their inner wish to be an important part of something bigger. In 2015 she founded the Trusttemenos Leadership Academy in Europe with Olaf Lewitz in the true goal, to help leaders thrive which are able to offer spaces where people can show up fully. For this reason the Leadership Academy is not only for the participants, she and Olaf are at the same time fully participating and modelling, being transparent about her successes, flaws, strength and weakness. Her systemic and integral background as a Coach and leader of constellations helps people to find the true barriers and patterns, blocking them to develop their personality and being able to break them or dissolve them step by step. She works as internal or external consultant for mid-size companies focusing on finding the heart of the culture, hacking the culture and helping to use the energies of conflicts to transform the culture. Self-management, Self-organization, innovation, collaboration, communication and teamwork are the heart of new work environments which she supports with her work. She got to know Temenos in the year 2013 and let since then around 60 events in Europe together with Olaf Lewitz from short conference sessions to 3day labs. Temenos became the heart of her work, combined with her systemic knowledge, her tools and her creative abilities. Creating a network of inspiring people around the world to support wholehearted workplaces this is part of her vision.

Table of Contents

  • Who We Are and What We Want
    • How to Get the eBook
  • Leadership We Believe in
  • Foreword by Judy Rees
  • Our Assumptions
  • Showing Up
  • Check-In
    • Olaf
    • Christine
  • We Will Guide You
  • Journaling Questions
  • Inspirational Questions
  • Temenos - Container
  • Temenos Flow
  • The Art of Listening - Listening Exercises
    • Listening is the Core Skill for Leadership
    • Awareness and Journaling Exercises
  • Influence Maps
    • How To
    • Focus
    • Intent and Outcome
  • Journaling Exercise
  • Your First Influence Map
    • Steps
    • Next Steps
  • Write Your Own Story
  • Listening Exercise 1
    • “I am living in my own world”
    • How the Closed, Unconnected Mind Reveals Itself…
  • First In-Person Retreat:
    • Reality
    • You are Welcome
    • Take-Aways
  • Learning to See Reality
    • First Participants
  • Community Engagement - Webinars and Facebook Group
    • Webinars
    • Facebook Group
  • How to Lead Meaningful Conversations
    • Tools & Techniques
  • Temenos Conversations
    • How to Connect Deeply in Real Life
    • Trigger Question
  • Empathy Traps
  • Temenos Sense-Making
    • Daily Routine
    • Weekly Reflection
    • Intended Outcome
  • Listening Exercise 2
    • “I am here, you are there”
    • Discovering Diversity
  • What makes a Container a Temenos?
  • Clean Slate
    • How to do a Clean Slate?
  • Clean Slate Example
  • Container Clean Slate
  • Pause and Reflect
  • Where Do You Want to Take the Lead?
  • Structure of the Academy
    • How we Structured the Academy
    • Why is This Important for Leaders?
    • Build a Container of Trust - Each Academy Generation Forms one Team
    • The Goal of the Academy
  • Second In-Person Retreat: Choice
    • You are Connected
    • Take-Aways:
  • Discovering Your Choice
    • Participants
  • My Leadership Learnings
    • Christine’s Story
    • Olaf’s Story
  • Story Telling Debt
  • Awareness Maps
    • How and Why does this Work?
    • What is the Overall Effect?
    • Instructions
  • Beginnings and Endings
    • Improve your Sense-Making Routine
  • Group Clean Slate on a Common Issue
    • When can You Use this Kind of Conversation?
    • How to Guide the Conversation
  • Listening Exercise 3 - “We are Connected”
    • My Influence Map is Your Influence Map
    • How the open, connected heart reveals itself
  • Third In-Person Retreat: Clarity of Intent and Impact
    • You are Creative
    • Take-Aways:
  • Trust, Astronomical
  • Inner Child
  • Personal and Team Vision
  • How To Invite Others To Show Up
  • Temenos Lab
  • How Do We Show Up
    • How Christine Shows Up
  • Fourth In-Person Retreat: Show Up!
    • You are a Leader
    • Take-Aways:
  • How the Academy Changed Us
    • Journaling Exercise
    • Christine
    • Olaf
  • Listening Exercise 4: “Diving into the Unknown - Holding Space for the New”
  • Welcome from Siraj
  • Let’s Go, Leaders!
    • Facebook and LinkedIn Group
  • Our Influencers
    • Thank You.
  • Closing Words
    • Olaf
    • Christine
  • Hug Voucher
  • Notes

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