Build, Think, & Create with Raspberry Pi in the Classroom
Build, Think, & Create with Raspberry Pi in the Classroom
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Build, Think, & Create with Raspberry Pi in the Classroom

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Completed on 2016-10-23

About the Book

The maker movement is igniting classrooms everywhere. Learn how to bring digital making into your classroom. Empower your students to be capable of navigating our complex digital world by solving problems that matter to them, while gaining real-world, employable technical skills. Whether your a STEM/STEAM educator or just a teacher looking for a new, innovative way to engage and challenge your students, the Raspberry Pi computer can be an invaluable tool to unlock your students' creativity.

The Raspberry Pi is designed as low-cost, portable computer to help young learners discover the joy and beauty of digital making and computer programming/coding. The Raspberry Pi will allow your students to become digital creators and makers of digital content, not just consumers.

The Raspberry Pi can be used in almost all disciplines which makes it a great tool for cross-curricular, project-based teaching and learning.

No experience with Raspberry Pi, computer programming/coding, or electronics is required!

Topics include:

  • A Very Brief History of the Raspberry Pi
  • Where to Start?
  • Setting up the Raspberry Pi
  • Command-line with the Terminal
  • Coding with the Raspberry Pi
  • Beginner Projects
  • Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi
  • Minecraft: Pi Edition
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Share this book

  • License

About the Author

Michael Renne
Michael C. Renne

Michael C. Renne is an educator, maker, instructional technologist and perpetual student who believes an educator's role is to provide the conditions for exploration and invention, rather than ready-made knowledge. With over fifteen years of instructional experience, he has worked in public, private, charter, wilderness/residential, K-12, and higher-ed institutions finding ways to ignite student and educator learning with technology. His professional interests include game-based learning, maker education, and the rethinking/redesigning of K-12 education. Michael resides in Greensboro, North Carolina. Learn more about him -

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Creative Commons
    • The Maker Movement in Education
    • Chapter 1 - A Very Brief History
    • Chapter 2 - Where to Start?
      • Raspberry Pi as a Desktop Computer
      • Models
      • Anatomy of the Raspberry Pi
      • Accessories
      • Purchasing
    • Chapter 3 - Setting Up the Raspberry Pi
      • Network/internet access
      • Minimum Requirements
      • Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi
      • Now What?
    • Chapter 4 - Command-line with the Terminal
      • Terminal
      • Linux/Raspbian Commands
      • Conquer the Command Line
    • Chapter 5 - Coding with the Raspberry Pi
      • Computational Thinking
      • Programming Choices
    • Chapter 6 - Beginner Projects
      • Standards, Curriculum, Objectives … Oh My!
      • Project #1 - Sweet Shop Reaction Game
      • Project #2 - Burping Jelly Baby
    • Chapter 7 - Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi
      • What is Physical Computing?
      • Physical Computing w/ Scratch
      • Physical Computing w/ Python
    • Chapter 8 - Minecraft: Pi Edition
      • Project # 1 - Getting Started with Minecraft Pi
      • Project # 2 - Whac-a-Block Game
    • Chapter 9 - Curriculum Connections
      • A Model for Maker Education
      • Constructionism
      • From Theory to Practice
      • Instructional Design Philosophy
      • Classroom Projects
    • Chapter 10 - Going Further
      • Internet of Things (IoT) - Connect the Raspberry Pi to the World!
      • Google Coder - A simple way to make “web stuff” on Raspberry Pi
      • PiNet - Centralized user accounts and file storage for the classroom
      • Resources to Explore
      • Closing Thoughts
    • Appendix A - Headless Mode via SSH and VNC
    • Glossary
  • Notes

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