React+D3v4 (Student)
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Reusable dataviz & games using modern JavaScript

About the Book

React+d3.js ES6 is designed to be short, but comprehensive.

In about an hour, it will guide you through a whole React and d3.js project from start to finish.

Everything from setting up code compilation, to creating reusable visualization components.


Learn how to build reusable visualization components that work anywhere, with any data.

Fly through the code with to-the-point instructions and a healthy dose of interesting banter.



Say what you want, not how.


Code once, use everywhere.


Render only the stuff that changes.

About the Author

Swizec Teller
Swizec Teller

Hi, I’m a digital nomad and full stack web engineer.

I travel the world and help startups win. From setting up new teams and training juniors, to fixing spaghetti code and implementing new features.

My code has been used by MasterCard, Commerzbank, Google, Mashable, Lyft, and many others.

When I’m not coding, I’m writing.

At least 5000 people bought my books ... I don’t know if that’s a lot, but it’s more than zero. I like that.

My work has been featured in Business Insider, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, and several dead-tree magazines. I’ve spoken on BBC Radio, appeared on Slovenian national television, and given talks all over the world.

About the Contributors

Will Fanguy
Will Fanguy


Blog Editor- @Piktochart. Shameless nerd & GIF connoisseur. Once owned the city of Murfreesboro for 5 minutes. Pro- Oxford comma.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Foreword
    • Why you should read React + D3v4
    • What you need to know
      • How to read this book
    • Why React and D3.js
    • Buzzword soup explained
    • JSX
  • Visualizing data with React and d3.js
    • The basic approach
    • Blackbox Components
      • A quick blackbox example - a D3 axis
      • A quick blackbox example - a React+D3 axis
    • A D3 blackbox higher order component – HOC
    • Full-feature Integration
      • A color scale
    • You’re awesome
    • State Handling Architecture
      • Basic architecture
      • A caveat
    • Structuring your React app
    • Set up a local environment with create-react-app
      • Make sure you have node.js
      • Install create-react-app
      • Run create-react-app
      • What you get
      • Install dependencies for this book
  • A big example project - 176,113 tech salaries visualized
    • Show a Preloader
      • Step 1: Get the image
      • Step 2: Preloader component
      • Step 3: Update App
      • Step 4: Load Bootstrap styles
    • Asynchronously load data
      • Step 0: Get the data
      • Step 1: Prep App.js
      • Step 2: Prep data parsing functions
      • Step 3: Load the datasets
      • Step 4: Tie the datasets together
    • Render a choropleth map of the US
      • Step 1: Prep App.js
      • Step 2: CountyMap/index.js
      • Step 3: CountyMap/CountyMap.js
      • Step 4: CountyMap/County.js
    • Render a Histogram of salaries
      • Step 1: Prep App.js
      • Step 2: CSS changes
      • Step 3: Histogram component
      • Step 4: HistogramBar (sub)component
      • Step 5: Axis HOC
    • Make it understandable - meta info
      • Dynamic title
      • Dynamic description
      • Median household line
    • Add user controls for data slicing and dicing
      • Step 1: Update App.js
      • Step 2: Build Controls component
      • Step 3: Build ControlRow component
      • Step 4: Build Toggle component
      • Step 5: Add US state and Job Title filters
    • A small speed optimization
    • Rudimentary routing
    • Prep for launch
      • Setting up deployment
      • Twitter and Facebook cards and SEO
      • Full dataset
    • Launch!
  • Animation
    • Using a game loop for rich animation
      • A bouncing ball
    • Using transitions for simple animation
      • Rainbow snake
    • Enter/update/exit animation
      • Animated alphabet
    • Animating with React, Redux, and d3
      • Here’s how it works
      • 3 presentation components
      • 6 Redux Actions
      • 1 Container component
      • 1 Redux Reducer
      • What we learned
  • Speed optimizations
    • Using canvas
      • Why Canvas
      • The trouble with HTML5 Canvas
    • Declarative HTML5 Canvas with Konva and react-konva
      • A particle generator pushed to 20,000 elements with Canvas
      • Billiards simulation with MobX and canvas
    • Using a React alternative like Preact or Inferno
      • Stress testing with a recursive fractal
      • Trying the stress test in Preact and Inferno
  • Conclusion
  • Appendixes
    • Appendix A - roll your own environment
      • Bundle with Webpack
      • Compile with Babel
      • Quickstart
      • NPM for dependencies and tools
      • Step-by-step with boilerplate
      • Add Less compiling
      • Serve static files in development
      • Webpack nice-to-haves
      • Optionally enable ES7
      • Check that everything works
      • Remove sample code
      • The environment in depth
      • That’s it. Time to play!
    • Appendix B - Browserify-based environment
      • NPM for server-side tools
      • The development server
      • Compiling our code with Grunt
      • Managing client-side dependencies with Bower
      • Final check

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