Python does PDF: pyFPDF
Python does PDF: pyFPDF
Python does PDF: pyFPDF

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2016-04-09

About the Book

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Through this book I hope to share my hard earned knowledge about generating PDF documents dynamically using Python and libraries like pyFPDF, the main subject of this book.

If you are a busy professional developer like I am you do not want to spend too much time reading through lots of explanations. You want to get to the solution to your problem fast. That is why this book is written in cookbook style divided in some common themes. Most of the explaining will be done in the code's comments. The free sample already provides around 30 useful code examples!

I consider the book complete in the sense that it already covers basic and advanced topics about the most used features of pyFPDF.  However, the content will keep expanding.  I am actively working with the library in actual client's projects and I will share with book buyers any new knowledge, trick or hack I learn.

This book can help you add more value to client's projects that require generating PDF reports and, hopefully, that will mean more time and money for you.

About the Author

Edwood Ocasio
Edwood Ocasio

Developer with 20+ years of experience in different programming languages and industries.  Python is currently my main business programming language and I make a living thanks to it. For the same amount of years teached college level computers, software development and mathematics.

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