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The PowerShell Conference Book

Volume 3

About the Book

This volume, like the 2 before it, is designed to be like a conference in a book where each chapter is written by a different author who is a subject matter expert on the topic covered in their chapter. Each chapter is also independent of the others so you can read one chapter, ten chapters, or all of them. You can start with the first chapter, the last one, or somewhere in-between and not miss out on anything related to that particular topic. This book is written for the intermediate to advanced audience. Prior experience with PowerShell is highly recommended.

All (100%) of the royalties from this book are donated to the OnRamp scholarship program. More information about the OnRamp track at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit and their scholarship program can be found on the website.

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About the Editors

Mark Kraus
Mark Kraus

Mark is an Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. He is former Microsoft MVP, and Open Source contributor to hundreds of projects, and Author, and Editor, and CI/CD Fanatic! Mark focuses on training and career advice for intermediate IT engineers providing them paths to higher Individual Contributor ranks.

Michael Zanatta
Michael Zanatta

Michael is a PowerShell Author/ Editor/ Speaker/ SME/ Streamer and an Automation specialist. I develop, integrate, architect solutions with PowerShell.

Michael is the co-founder of the Brisbane Infrastructure Devops User Group, providing a meetup location for all technical and non-technical people to network and grow their PowerShell skills.

Joe Houghes
Joe Houghes

Joe Houghes is a co-leader of the Denver VMware & PowerShell User Groups and is currently a Senior Solutions Architect with Pure Storage. He focuses on automating us out of our IT operations while freeing us to perform higher-level tasks.

Joe has been the #1 speaker internationally for VMUG from 2020 to 2023 for both virtual and in-person events. He works to encourage the next community speaker(s) to take his place and is always helping get them started.

Joe believes automation should be a focus for admins & engineers, although it requires in-depth thinking beyond performing a task once. Even though it is not always someone's default method, the result is repeatable and consistent.

Joe tries to help others understand why we should do the easy tasks better, and he challenges everyone to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and learn more about any topic of interest.

He's a collector of communities as a leader for 2 User Groups, Microsoft MVP, vExpert Pro, Cisco Champion, Veeam Vanguard, Tanzu Vanguard, plus he helps host vBrownBag. He tells people not to let fear keep them from sharing their knowledge with others and teaching from their unique perspective.

You can spot him by the bright hat, big grin, and the loud "Howdy Y'all."

Steven Judd
Steven Judd

Steven Judd is a Windows Systems Engineer at Meta Platforms Inc. with an emphasis on Enterprise Messaging and Digital Loss Prevention. He co-developed a custom PowerShell training program for a Fortune 100 organization, and is an occasional presenter at PowerShell user groups. He spends free time learning more about PowerShell, digital security, and cloud technologies, along with creating and telling dad jokes. You can find him hanging out in the PowerShell bridge channel, taking care of his family, running marathons, playing the cello, plus a handful of other hobbies he just can't seem to quit.

Phil Bossman
Phil Bossman

Phil is an accomplished Windows administrator and Citrix architect for a national building materials supplier. He has been in the technology industry for over 25 years and has a passion for technology, automation, and learning all things PowerShell. Phil enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge on PowerShell in ways everyone can relate to and understand. 

He is a contributing author to the PowerShell Conference Book 2.

Phil is a co-organizer of the Research Triangle PowerShell User Group and an active member of the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC).

Adil Leghari
Adil Leghari

Adil Leghari is a 15-year Sysadmin who is super-passionate about PowerShell and automation. He is a co-founder of the Pacific Northwest PowerShell User Group and a co-host of BridgeConf. When not working at Chocolatey, he enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and designing stickers.

The DevOps Collective, Inc.
The DevOps Collective, Inc.

The DevOps Collective, Inc. is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to changing the way the industry thinks about DevOps. All proceeds from our ebook sales benefit the organization directly. Although all books are published by DevOps Collective, they have been authored by numerous community contributors. Please see each book's "About This Book" page for author credits.

About the Contributors

Dave Carroll
Dave Carroll

Dave enjoys being part of the welcoming PowerShell community and writes about PowerShell and other IT topics on his blog. Over the last 20+ years, he has focused on automation with half of that time spent honing his PowerShell skills, from the first command to his open source modules. He created and maintains PoShEvents and PoShGroupPolicy, both useful tools to harvest data.

He is a contributing author on The PowerShell Conference Book, Volume 2 and The PowerShell Conference Book, Volume 3.

You can find him on Twitter @thedavecarroll where he tweets and amplifies PowerShell discussion and information sharing.

Thomas Rayner
Thomas Rayner

Thomas Rayner is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Honorary Scripting Guy with many years of experience in IT. He is a master technologist, specializing in DevOps, systems and process automation, public, private and hybrid cloud, and PowerShell. Thomas is an international speaker, best-selling author, and instructor covering a vast array of IT topics.

Chan Nyein Ko Ko
Chan Nyein Ko Ko

Chan Nyein Ko Ko (Chan) is a Cloud Engineer who loves learning new technologies and developing automation. The PowerShell 3.0 Jumpstart video series introduced by Jeffery Snover and Jason Helmick on Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) in 2014 inspired him to learn PowerShell. Since then, he has accomplished most of his daily tasks with PowerShell scripts.

Josh King
Josh King
Geek, Father, Walking Helpdesk

Josh King is a Microsoft MVP and TechOps Systems Administrator at Tribe, an IT services organization in New Zealand. He predominantly works within Windows and VMware environments and has a passion for all things PowerShell.

You can find Josh on Twitter and his blog.

Justin Sider
Justin Sider

Justin Sider, Chief Information Officer for Belay Technologies, leads the development and implementation of a tool for his current company utilizing VMware

for an automated provisioning & testing solution. Mr. Sider has 15+ years of experience as owner of his own tech business and in lead roles for various tech companies. Mr. Sider has 10+ years of experience working with VMware products and programming with PowerShell. His work can be found on GitHub and the PowerShell Gallery under the username ‘jpsider’.

Brandon Olin
Brandon Olin

Brandon is a Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Architect, veteran Systems Engineer, speaker, blogger, freelance writer, and open source contributor. He is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management and has a penchant for PowerShell and DevOps processes. He spends much of his time exploring new technologies to drive the business forward and loves to apply ideas pioneered in the DevOps community to solving real-world business problems. Brandon is active in the PowerShell community and loves to give back with a number of projects published to the PowerShell Gallery.

You can follow his code at GitHub, his blog at, or reach him on Twitter at @devblackops.

Kevin Laux
Kevin Laux

Kevin Laux is the Manager of a Application Platform Engineering team. He has held various roles in End User Computing, Virtualization and Application Platforms. He is passionate about Automation, Home Labs, Containers and more.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Contributors
    • How to Use This Book
    • Acknowledgements
    • Disclaimer
  • I Systems Management
    • 1. Contain Yourself - Long-Running PowerShell Scripts in Containers
    • 2. VMware PowerCLI and the Art of the API
    • 3. Build, Test, Deploy - Software Distribution Using Intune
    • 4. Extending Azure Update Management Beyond Azure
  • II Tips & Tricks
    • 5. Save Your Standards from Becoming Rarely Used Checklists; Codify Them
    • 6. Spice Up Your Console Output or Prompt with ANSI
    • 7. Writing Your First Visual Studio Code Extension
    • 8. How to Add Voice to Your PowerShell Code or Scripts
    • 9. Building an ETL Process and Data Warehouse Using PowerShell
    • 10. Six Common Mistakes People Make When Starting with PowerShell
    • 11. Con-Function, Function. Where’s the Junction
    • 12. Writing a Function Template
  • III DevOps
    • 13. Git for Admins That Don’t Get Git
    • 14. Learning new things with PowerShell
    • 15. Testing SQL Code with Pester
    • 16. Testing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Pester
    • 17. Automate Azure Sentinel Deployment
    • 18. AWS Lambda
    • 19. PowerShell Module for Veeam Sure Backup - How to Make Sure Backup is OK
    • 20. Azure DevOps—a Simple Path for Small Ops Teams
  • IV PowerShell Language Features
    • 21. Exploring Experimental Features in PowerShell 7
    • 22. Regale a Radical Reading of a Reflection in Remoting
  • Afterword

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