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Pronto SQLite

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Last updated on 2016-11-19

About the Book

If you are struggling with learning Android development, the reason could be that you are learning abstract concepts in isolation.

Nothing could be more abstract in Android development than data persistence and yet if you want to be a professional Android Developer, you must master data persistence. This training will help you to do just that.

Side by side comparison is an effective way of learning complex topics. You will master all aspects of on-device data storage and network data storage in Android by implementing data persistence for a shopping cart app using SQLite database, Content Provider/Content Resolver, Realm database and Firebase database.

By completing this book, you will acquire the skill to create similar business and productivity Android apps. You will learn beginner to advanced Android development technologies and go through a step by step tutorial on how to apply those concepts.

What you will learn:

  • SQLite
  • Content Provider
  • MVP Design Pattern
  • Realm Database
  • Firebase Database
  • Repository Pattern
  • Dependency Injection with Dagger 2

The books come with a fully developed source code.

About the Author

Val Okafor
Val Okafor

Val Okafor is a Software Engineer with expertise in Android development residing in sunny San Diego of California USA. He has over twelve years of industry experience and has worked for corporations such as Sony Electronics, The Home Depot, San Diego County and American Council on Exercise. Val earned his BSc in IT from National University, San Diego and Masters in Software Engineering from Regis University, Colorado. He is the creator and principal engineer of Pronto line of mobile apps including Pronto Diary, Pronto Invoice and Pronto Quotes.

His passion for software development goes beyond his skill and training, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with other developers. He has taught Android development to over 5,000 students though Udemy, his blog is considered an essential reading for Android developers. Val is also recently named among the first cohort of Realm MVP program because of his active participation in the Realm database community.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 - Getting Started with SQLite
    • Chapter One - Introduction
      • Welcome to Pronto SQLite
      • Book Structure
      • Data Storage Options in Android
      • Basic Database Concepts
      • SQLite Introduction
      • Android SQLite Data Type
      • Chapter Review
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter Two - SQLite Database Setup
      • Sample Application
      • Create SQLite Database
      • Create SQLite Database Tables
      • Where is the Database?
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter 3 - Design Patterns
      • Singleton Pattern
      • MVP Design Pattern
      • Repository Pattern
      • Dependency Injection
      • Managing Relationship with SQLite
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter 4: CRUD Operations
      • Insert Records to SQLite Database
      • Read Records from SQLite Database
      • Read Get Specific Customer Record from Database
      • Read Multiple Records from SQLite Database
      • Update Database Records
      • Delete Records from Database
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter 5 - SQLite Operations
      • More Example of SQLite Query
      • How to Upgrade SQLite Database
      • How to Backup SQLite Database
      • How to Restore SQLite Database
      • Seed SQLite Database with Initial Data
      • Background Thread
      • Chapter Review
  • Part 2 - Content Provider
    • Chapter 6 - Introduction to Content Provider
      • Getting Started With ContentProvider
      • Create ContentProvider
      • Implement ContentProvider Query Methods
      • CRUD Operation with Content Provider
      • Implement CRUD with ContentProvider
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter 7 - Async Query with AsyncQueryHandler
      • Introduction to AsyncQueryHandler
      • Implement Asynchronous CRUD Methods
      • Seed Content Provider with Initial Data
      • Chapter Review
  • Part 3 - Realm Database
    • Chapter 8 - Getting Started with Realm
      • What is Realm?
      • Realm Configuration
      • Create Realm Database Tables
      • Primary Key
      • Relationship
      • Inheritance
      • Chapter Review
    • Chapter 9 -Implement CRUD with Realm Database
      • Insert Records into Realm Database
      • Read Single Record from Realm Database
      • Read Multiple Records From Realm Database
      • Update Realm Database Records
      • Delete Record From Real Database
      • Chapter Review

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