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Pronto Android

Learn How to Create 10 Complete Android Apps With Jetpack Compose

About the Book

Pronto Android - Become An Android Developer in 100 Days!

Learn How to Create 10 Complete Android Apps With Jetpack Compose

Want to be an Android Developer? 

This book will make you one in 100 Days!

This is the best beginner Android development training you will find online. I know that is a bold claim so I stand to be corrected. The truth is, that Android development and programming, in general, is hard. What's even harder is learning to code in the first place. There is a seemingly endless amount of fundamental programming knowledge and concept to grasp before you even begin. As important as these fundamental knowledge are, it turns out no one gets paid for learning the fundamentals, you get paid for creating apps, for solving problems with this knowledge.

The challenge then in learning programming is how do you transition from learning the fundamentals to being a productive developer that is valuable in the marketplace. This is where many beginner programming books and courses fail. They either spend too much time teaching the fundamentals and bore the reader to death or they jump quickly into advanced concepts and make programming appear harder than it seems.

Learn by doing. Stop Studying! Start Coding

What you will learn

  • Solid grasp of Android Development fundamentals, modern tools, and best practices.
  • Strong proficiency with Kotlin programming language.
  • Hands-on mastery of a range of Jetpack Compose APIs. 
  • Extensive experience creating a great-looking app user interface (UI).
  • Skills to apply for Android Developer positions, work remotely as a freelancer, or develop and publish your own apps.
  • Learn the thought process of taking an app idea from concept to the Google Play Store.

Here are the Apps You will Create in this training

Study and practice remain the best way to learn programming skills. In this training, you will complete 10 modern Android apps following a step-by-step tutorial spread over 100 days. Most importantly you will learn the "why" behind each component, library, design pattern, and approach used. 

This training is presented in both a book and course format. You can buy either of them separately or both, it's the same content. Both are currently in progress and when completed below are the Android apps that you will complete.

  1. Pronto Resume
  2. Pronto Login
  3. Pronto Notepad
  4. Pronto Todo List
  5. Pronto Quotes
  6. Pronto Draw
  7. Pronto Movies
  8. Pronto Event
  9. Pronto Weather
  10. Pronto Cart

About the Author

Val Okafor
Val Okafor

Val is a Software Engineer with extensive hands-on experience building Android apps since the days of Android Jelly Bean OS - a hint that was before Android Studio! He created this training as the training he wish he had when he started learning Android development some nine years ago.

Val has built mobile apps for enterprises, startups, and government entities and published a few apps of his own under his Pronto Apps portfolio. Val thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge and hopes to help make your transition to a professional Android developer easier.

Table of Contents

  • Day 1 - Introduction to Android Development
    • About the Book and the Featured App
    • Key Android Development Terminologies and Keywords
    • Android Studio Install and Setup
    • Create Your First Android Project
    • Running Your First Android App
    • Summary
  • Day 2 - Just Enough Kotlin
    • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    • Kotlin Basics
    • Functions
    • Classes
    • Conclusion
  • Day 3 - Core Android Development Components
    • Activity
    • Fragment
    • Intent
    • Manifest
    • Services
    • Summary
  • Day 4 - Composable User Interface
    • Introduction to Jetpack Compose
    • Jetpack Compose Basics
    • Create Client List Screen
    • Summary
  • Day 5 - Android App Architecture
    • Scaffold
    • Navigation with Compose
    • Summary
  • Day 6 - Create Pronto Task UI - Part 1
    • Add Model Classes
    • Add Helper Functions
    • Add New Task UI
    • Add SubTask Screen

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