Product Management
Product Management
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Product Management

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About the Book

Thinking about many software product issues, some companies that are considered experts on software development began to adopt a new expertise in its software development process, Software Product Management. This role aims to ensure that software being developed meets the objectives of its owner while it also meets the needs of its users.


In addition, a person in this role has to consider all aspects of the software that I mentioned earlier. Some agile methodologies such as Scrum, have the role of the Product Owner, whose main responsibility is to prioritize items to be developed. In a way this is what a Software Product Manager does, but there's a little bit more to be be covered by this role.


That's what we'll talk about in this book. :-)

About the Authors

Paulo Caroli
Paulo Caroli

Principal consultant at Thoughtworks Brazil and co-founder of AgileBrazil,  Paulo Caroli has over twenty years of experience in software development, passing in various corporations in Brazil, India, USA and Latin America. In 2000, he met the Extreme Programming and since then has focused its expertise in processes and practices of Agile & Lean. He joined ThoughtWorks in 2006 and held the positions of Agile Coach, Trainer and Project Manager. He received a Bachelor of Computer Science and MS in Software Engineering, both from PUC–Rio.

Paulo Caroli is a man who is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital products. He is a software engineer, an author, an editor, a speaker and a successful facilitator.

Joaquim Torres
Joaquim Torres

Accomplished technologist and manager with a unique ability to bridge the gap between the technical world and customers needs. Has proven business experience in IT and software development management. 20+ years in the IT and internet market.

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Table of Contents

    • About the book
      • Why does this happen?
      • Software product management
      • Who will benefit from reading this book?
      • Book structure
    • About the author - Joaquim Torres (a.k.a. Joca)
      • What is your purpose?
    • About the translator and co-creator
      • About Paulo Caroli
  • Definitions and requirements
    • What is a software product?
      • Types of software products
      • Product or platform?
      • What are platforms?
    • What is software product management?
      • Aligning company strategy with customer needs
      • The core team for developing software products
      • What is the difference between managing a product and a platform?
      • Closing
    • Product manager or product owner?
      • Definitions
      • So they are different roles?
      • What to do if your company has product managers and product owners?
    • Main characteristics of a product manager
    • Leadership tips for product managers
      • Set the context
      • Remove obstacles
      • Closing
    • Organizational culture
      • Dont waste time looking for culprits
      • War
      • Air, food and profit
      • Closing
  • Lifecycle of a software product
    • How does the lifecycle of a software product work?
      • The abyss
    • Innovation: what is it?
      • Of course clients know what they want!
    • Focusing on the problem
      • Interview
      • Survey
      • Observation
      • Closing
    • Innovation: the job to be done
      • The “job to be done” market research
      • Understanding problems and their context
    • Innovation: a lot of opportunities
      • How many opportunities to pursue at the same time?
      • Validating opportunities
    • Innovation: next steps
    • Growth: feedback
      • Dealing with user feedbacks
      • Example of hurry to act due to feedback
      • Crossing the chasm
    • What is a roadmap?
      • How frequently should I update the roadmap?
      • Should I keep a secret about my roadmap?
      • Cone of uncertainty
      • How to build a roadmap?
      • Putting everything into one image
      • Roadmap = motivation + metrics
      • Detailing versus audience
      • Roadmap or backlog?
    • Growth: how to prioritize the roadmap?
      • Value versus cost
      • Kano Model Analysis
      • Feature Sequencer
      • Product tree
      • Buy your features
      • UserVoice
      • The one you remember first
      • The best prioritization technique
      • What to do with special requests?
      • What to do?
      • The problem of saying yes to everything
      • Why does this happen?
      • Learning how to say NO!
    • Growth: be a “data geek”
      • Which data is important?
      • Conversion funnel
    • Engagement and churn
      • Engagement
      • Churn
    • Growth: financial metrics
      • Global numbers: revenue and costs
      • Individual numbers: CAC, LT and LTV
      • Revenue churn
    • Growth: the loyalty metric
      • NPS – Net Promoter Score
      • Closing the loop: from information to action
      • Tip: internal NPS
    • Growth: thoughts on metrics
      • Data-vriven
      • Data-informed
      • A little bit on A/B tests
      • Analysis paralysis
      • Final thoughts
  • Notes

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