Practical Event Sourcing with… by Denis Kalinin [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Practical Event Sourcing with Scala
Practical Event Sourcing with Scala
Practical Event Sourcing with Scala

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Completed on 2017-10-06

About the Book

This book takes a very practical and rather unusual approach towards the event sourcing architecture. Instead of diving into the DDD terminology, which is usually popular in the Enterprise, we will use this pattern to implement a typical Web application.

Instead of C# or Java, we will be using Scala as the backend language and JavaScript (ES6) as the frontend one. Along the way, we will also make use of some other supporting technologies such as Play, Kafka, Akka Streams, React (with Redux) and even Neo4J.

You don't need to be a Scala guru to understand code samples, but some familiarity with the syntax is required. If you're completely new to Scala, I highly recommend you go through the free sample of my other book - Modern Web Development with Scala. The PDF sample could be read in an hour, but it covers most widely used syntax constructs.


My special thanks go to Tim Ruhland for his enormous help in eliminating typos and errors. The cover illustration was designed by Freepik

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About the Author

Denis Kalinin
Denis Kalinin

Having started as a Java developer in a middle-sized enterprise company, over the course of my career I've worked in several different countries and gained quite a bit of experience. During the last eight years I've used a great number of libraries and frameworks from JavaServer Faces to React. 

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