Pastor Chappell's Sermons 2014
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Pastor Chappell's Sermons 2014

About the Book

About the Author

Simon Peter Chappell
Simon Peter Chappell

Simon Peter Chappell is the pastor of New Life United Pentecostal Church in Dodgeville, Wisconsin in the United States of America. Pastor Chappell moved to the United States from England in 1994 and has lived in Dodgeville since 1998, pastoring the congregation there since 2007. He describes himself as a "recycled atheist" and gives the Lord all the glory for bringing him out of the hopelessness of unbelief.

Pastor Chappell is happily married and keeps busy raising three minions. He loves God, writing, guns, cats, bacon, good tea, photography, esoteric programming languages, martial arts and lots of other guy stuff.

Pastor Chappell's personal blog may be found at and he tweets as @SimonPChappell.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • State Of The Kingdom 2014
    • Introduction
    • Celebrating Successes
    • Our Theme For The Year
    • Making It Personal
    • Conclusion
  • A Right Way And A Wrong Way
    • Illustration
    • Saying Doesn’t Make It So
    • Don’t Put God In Your Trophy Room
    • Don’t Put God Out Of Your Life
    • Don’t Treat God Your Way
    • Conclusion
  • Decision At The Edge Of Heaven
    • Illustration
    • Setting The Scene
    • An Evil Report
    • A Bad Decision
    • Consequences
    • Bringing It Home
    • Conclusion
  • Engage Four Wheel Drive
    • Illustration
    • The Sick Man With Four Good Friends
    • They Made A Way To Get To Jesus
    • Scribes And Pharisees Upset
    • Jesus Was Impressed
    • Others Were Equally Determined
    • How Determined Are You?
  • Living On The Other Side Of The Shouting
    • Illustration
    • Jotham
    • A Good Example
    • Continue Steadfastly
    • Self-Responsibility
    • Be Diligent
    • Ways Of Being Diligent
    • Conclusion
  • Be Very You
    • Be Yourself On The Outside
    • Being Yourself On The Inside
    • Being Young
    • Having Good Habits
    • Conclusion
  • Baptism (1 of 2)
    • Introduction To Baptism
    • Words For Baptism In The Original Text
    • Baptism In The Plan Of Salvation
    • Purpose And Effects Of Baptism
  • Baptism (2 of 2)
    • Baptismal Typology In The Old Testament
    • What Baptism Isn’t
    • Baptismal Accounts In The Scriptures
    • Conclusion
  • Psalm 115
    • Psalm 115
    • The Absurdity Of Idolatry
    • Confidence In God
    • Conclusion
  • What Goes Up Determines What Comes Down
    • Illustration
    • The Natural Order Of The Spiritual
    • What Are You Sending Up?
    • What Kind Of Things Can Come Down?
    • Conclusion
  • How Many Blessings Do You Want?
    • Illustration
    • The Widow And The Pot Of Oil
    • How Many Blessings Do You Want?
    • The Many Available Blessings Of God
    • Conclusion
  • How To Get The Holy Ghost
    • Illustration
    • Root Cause Analysis Of The Holy Ghost
    • How To Get The Holy Ghost
    • Conclusion
  • Surf Where The Waves Are
    • Illustration
    • It’s About The Will Of God
    • Jonah
    • David
    • Paul
    • Peter
    • Conclusion
  • The Power Of The Spoken Word Of God
    • Illustration
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
    • Conclusion
  • Do What You Know To Do
    • Illustration
    • What Is Life?
    • Spiritual Application
    • Conclusion
  • Growing
    • Illustration
    • Growth Is Natural
    • Growth Is Expected
    • Growth Is To Be Nurtured
    • A Recipe For Growth
    • Conclusion
  • Manliness
    • Illustration
    • Men That Pleased God
    • Biblical Manliness Advice
    • Conclusion
  • First, Take Off Your Ornaments
    • A Survey Of Old Testament Ornaments
    • The Children Of Israel At Mount Horeb
    • Jacob And His Family At Bethel
    • What Does This Mean?
    • How Does This Apply To Us?
    • Attitudes
    • Conclusion
  • Your Answer Is On The Way
    • Illustration
    • The Lord Is Patient
    • We Are To Be Like The Lord
    • We Are To Be Patient
    • There’s A Reason Some Answers Take a While
    • Did I mention That We Need To Be Patient?
    • Conclusion
  • Submission And Blessings
    • Submission
    • Examples Of Submission And Blessings
    • Conclusion
  • Hope
    • A New Hope?
    • Old vs. New
    • What Is Hope?
    • What Is Your Hope?
  • Fitting Into Place
    • Illustration
    • Order Vs. Chaos
    • Fitting Into Our Place In The Kingdom
    • What Is Our Place In The Kingdom?
    • Conclusion
  • Always Measure Against The Standard
    • Illustration
    • Measuring The World
    • Measuring Ourselves
    • Conclusion
  • Walking Along The River
    • Illustration
    • River References In The Scriptures
    • Ezekiel’s Vision Of The River
    • Conclusion
  • Back In The Saddle Again
    • Illustration
    • God Is A Forgiving God
    • Not Only Forgiving, But Rehabilitating
    • Conclusion
  • Steadfast And Perceptive … But Mostly Steadfast
    • Peter Is Steadfast And Perceptive
    • Peter Identified Jesus As The Christ
    • Peter Was Present For The Initial Outpouring Of The Holy Ghost
    • Peter Preached On The Day Of Pentecost
    • Peter Delivers The Plan Of Salvation
    • The Holy Ghost Fell In Samaria When Peter Arrived
    • Peter Was present For The First Saved Gentiles
    • Advice From Peter To The Church
    • Peter Stayed Strong To The End
    • Peter’s Warning To The Future Church
    • Conclusion
  • Be Very You For Him
    • Self-Esteem
    • The World’s Advice
    • The Lord Works From The Ground Up
    • Blind Bartimaeus
    • The Lord Is Our Encourager
    • Conclusion
  • Reset By The Blood
    • Illustration
    • All Change!
    • Calendar Change At The Passover
    • Calendar Change Because Of Jesus Christ
    • Calendar Change In Your Life
    • Conclusion
  • We Were Shaken
    • Illustration
    • Life Even Happens To Pastors
    • Scriptural Examples
    • It’s How You Handle It
  • Gospel Soteriology
    • Introduction
    • John The Baptist As The Forerunner Of Christ
    • John The Baptist Announces Christ
    • The Baptism Of Jesus
    • Baptism By The Disciples Of Jesus
    • Jesus’ Explanation Of Being Born Again
    • Conclusion
  • Under New Management
    • Illustration
    • A New Legal Entity
    • Recipe For Success
    • Under New Management
    • Conclusion
  • The Blood Is Already Shed
    • Illustration
    • The Biblical Significance Of Blood
    • Jesus Shed His Blood For All Of Us
    • Over To You
    • Conclusion
  • Delightfully Chaotic
    • Illustration
    • I Don’t Know
    • Things We don’t Know Or Understand
    • The Escape From Egypt
    • Long Range Plans
    • The Ultimate Long Range Plan
    • Conclusion
  • Actually, You Should Fear The Reaper
    • Illustration
    • Advice Given Before The Sending Of The Twelve
    • The Rich Man And Lazarus
    • Conclusion
  • Instant On
    • Sometimes Ya Just Have To Be Instant
    • Paul’s Charge To Timothy
    • The First Miracle By The Church
    • Peter Addresses The Religious Leadership
    • Being Instant Today
    • Conclusion
  • All In The Plan
    • Illustration
    • It’s All In The Plan
    • Conclusion
  • Bring Something, Take Something
    • What Do We Bring To Church?
    • What Should We Be Taking Home From Church?
    • Conclusion
  • Christmas 2014
    • Trees!
    • The Start Of The Problem
    • Hanging On A Tree
    • The Healing Of The Nations
    • The Arrival Of The Solution
  • Prophecies Of Jesus’ Birth
    • Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil
    • He Will Be Born of a Woman
    • He Will Be Born of a Virgin
    • Born in Bethlehem
    • Born of the Tribe of Judah
    • The Seed of Abraham
    • A Descendant of King David
    • A Priest After the Order of Melchizedek
    • He Will Come When the Temple is Still Standing and One Will Go Before Him
    • Conclusion
  • One God
    • The Shama
    • The One And Only Oneness Of God
    • Jesus Is God
    • Conclusion
  • Further Reading
  • About The Author
  • Colophon

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