Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace
Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace
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 Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace

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Completed on 2018-05-23

About the Book

This document was compiled by Open Sourcing Mental Illness contributors using EEOC guidelines; these contributors are not attorneys and the Open Sourcing Mental Illness materials do not constitute legal advice of any type. By using these materials, you agree to accept this disclaimer. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information shared through the Open Sourcing Mental Illness materials, however, because information is constantly evolving, Open Sourcing Mental Illness cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, errors or omissions related to the Open Sourcing Mental Illness materials. The information provided in the Open Sourcing Mental Illness materials are for educational and informational purposes only. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgment before applying any recommendation or advice that you may receive on or through the materials provided by Open Sourcing Mental Illness. Please contact your employment counsel or for more information and guidance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

About the Author

Open Sourcing Mental Illness, Ltd
Open Sourcing Mental Illness, Ltd

Open Sourcing Mental Illness is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities.

OSMI began in 2013 as a speaking campaign by Ed Finkler. Ed started speaking at tech conferences about his personal experiences as a web developer and open source advocate with a mental health disorder. The response was overwhelming, and Ed has continued to speak, gather data, and organize efforts to change experiences of those with mental health disorders in the tech workplace. This includes speaking at conferences and companiesconducting research, and creating documentation to assist companies in making supportive environments for those impacted by mental health disorders. He is assisted in these efforts by selfless volunteers who bring their time and expertise to bear on this important issue.

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 Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace
Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Executives and HR Professionals
Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Employees
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Table of Contents

  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace
  • Disclaimer
  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness Diamond Patron
  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness Bronze Partner
  • Section I - Introduction
    • Why support mental wellness in Tech?
    • Who is this handbook for?
  • Section II - Precursors for organizational success in addressing mental wellness
  • Section III - Putting in place a mental health policy
    • Analyzing mental health issues (WHO, 2005)
    • Developing the policy (WHO, 2005)
    • Developing strategies to implement the policy (WHO, 2005)
    • Implementing and evaluating the policy (WHO, 2005)
    • Mental Health in the Workplace: Example Accommodations (OSMI, 2016)
  • Section IV - Leadership Communication Tips 101
    • Having “the conversation”:
  • Section V - Leading by example: Companies doing it right
  • Section VI - Resources
    • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
    • Association for Behavioral Health & Wellness (ABHW)
    • American Psychiatric Association
    • Mental Health America
    • Devpressed
    • National Institute of Mental Health
    • Employee Wellness Models
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Changing your business culture
    • Myths Surrounding Mental Illnesses
    • American Psychological Association (extensive materials)
    • Right-sizing your wellness plan
    • 7 benchmarks to instituting an employee wellness approach
    • World Health Organization
    • Centers for Disease Control
    • Mental Health Works
  • Section VII - References
  • OSMI Contributors

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