OOP the Easy Way
OOP the Easy Way
OOP the Easy Way

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Last updated on 2018-09-05

About the Book

This book explores the essential and accidental complexity of object-oriented programming, and brings the central ideas to the fore while excluding or discarding the tangential and confusing. The result is a succinct description of what OOP can do for us, what we would do to benefit from that, and the gaps that still represent unexplored territory.

Table of Contents

  • Your Help Needed
  • Introduction
    • Organisation of this book
    • About the example code
    • Acknowledgements
  • Part One: Antithesis
    • Telling an Object What To Do
    • Designing an Object
    • Drawing an object
    • Opposing Functional Programming
    • Capturing Elements of Reusable Design
    • Finding a Method to Run
    • Building Objects
    • Conclusion to Part One
  • Part Two: Thesis
    • Objects are Independent Programs
    • The Open-Closed Nature of Independent Objects
    • The Correctness of Independent Objects
    • The Design of Independent Objects
    • Constructing Independent Objects
    • Working with Independent Objects
    • Conclusion to Part Two

About the Author

Graham Lee
Graham Lee

Graham has been a programmer, and some times does other things. He wrote Professional Cocoa Application Security, Test-Driven iOS Development, APPropriate Behaviour and APPosite Concerns.

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