OOP the Easy Way
OOP the Easy Way
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OOP the Easy Way

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Completed on 2018-10-30

About the Book

This book explores the essential and accidental complexity of object-oriented programming, and brings the central ideas to the fore while excluding or discarding the tangential and confusing. The result is a succinct description of what OOP can do for us, what we would do to benefit from that, and the gaps that still represent unexplored territory.

About the Author

Graham Lee
Graham Lee

Graham has been a programmer, and some times does other things. He wrote Professional Cocoa Application Security, Test-Driven iOS Development, APPropriate Behaviour and APPosite Concerns.

Table of Contents

  • Your Help Needed
  • Introduction
    • Organisation of this book
    • About the example code
    • Acknowledgements
  • Part One: Antithesis
    • Telling an Object What To Do
    • Designing an Object
    • Drawing an object
    • Opposing Functional Programming
    • Capturing Elements of Reusable Design
    • Finding a Method to Run
    • Building Objects
    • Conclusion to Part One
  • Part Two: Thesis
    • Objects are Independent Programs
    • The Open-Closed Nature of Independent Objects
    • The Correctness of Independent Objects
    • The Design of Independent Objects
    • Constructing Independent Objects
    • Working with Independent Objects
    • Conclusion to Part Two
  • Part Three: Synthesis
    • Objects are Independent Programs
    • An object’s behaviour can be described in a contract
    • Objects can be written, inspected, and changed in context
    • Put that all together
    • Conclusion to Part Three

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