APPosite Concerns
APPosite Concerns
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APPosite Concerns

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Completed on 2019-02-18

About the Book

APPosite Concerns is a collection of essays about programming, about programmers, and about the software industry. Not many other books on programming connect object-oriented programming with Adam Smith, nor the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with Angry Birds.

About the Author

Graham Lee
Graham Lee

Graham has been a programmer, and some times does other things. He wrote Professional Cocoa Application Security, Test-Driven iOS Development, APPropriate Behaviour and APPosite Concerns.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • On Being a Programmer
    • Why is Programming So Hard?
    • The Principled Programmer
    • Principled Lizards
    • How I Got Root on my University’s UNIX Network
    • On Mental Health
    • Selectively Caring
    • The Tankard Brigade
    • Thoughts on Tech Conferences
    • On Community
    • Programming, Maths and the Other Things
    • The Wealth of Applications
    • …and in the end, there will be the command line.
  • Designing for Programmers
    • Programming as a Societal Roadblock
    • Intuitive is the Enemy of Good
    • Standing at the Crossroads
    • Culture, Heritage, and Apps
  • On Thinking about Programming
    • On Internal Quality
    • UIKonf 1995 Keynote : Object-Oriented Programming in Objective-C
    • Inside-Out Apps
    • Swift’s Gulliver
    • The Death of Scripting
    • Protocol-Oriented Programming in Objective-C
    • Imperative Programming in Swift
    • *-Oriented Programming
    • How Much Programming Language is Enough?
    • The Humpty-Dumpty Guide to Object-Oriented Programming
    • How to Excel at IDE Design
    • Set the Settings Set
  • On Freedom
    • Criticising the Four Freedoms
    • Open Source and the Lehrer-von Braun Defence
    • The Lighter Side of Open Source
    • On the Economics of Software Insecurity
    • On Standards in Free Software Engineering
    • Linus’s Bystanders
    • Intellectual Property and Software: The Nuclear Option

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