N Ways To Be A Better Developer
N Ways To Be A Better Developer
N Ways To Be A Better Developer

Last updated on 2016-12-30

About the Book

With over 25 years of combined experience as software developers, we share some of the lessons we have learned throughout our careers. Without diving into technical details and without focusing on any particular programming language, we analyze the nature of the developer and find patterns that help developers become better at their job. The book is based on our own careers: it's a reflection of what we've done right and wrong and analysing what got us to where we are today.

It is also based on the progression we have seen in so many developers. The both of us have not only worked as developers but we've also hired developers, managed developers, trained developers and coached developers. We've also spoken to many developers at conferences and in our developer communities. There are some common patterns that we recognize when we look at developers. We've seen things that work, we've seen things that didn't work. We've seen developers grow from shy fresh-out-of-college coders to super software architects. We've also seen developers wither away and never really progress. Being able to work with so many developers has helped us form an opinion on what we think are the key aspects that move developers forward. 

The book is based on a number of keynotes we have delivered at developer conferences, where we talked about our experience as and with developers. The presentations and the book have a common goal: we hope that by sharing our insights, we help other developers become more succesful. 

Note: the book is in early beta stages. We will be updating and enhancing it regularly. Buying the book before it's finished gives you early access to its contents, and will encourage us to continuously improve the book.

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About the Authors

Lorna Mitchell
Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is an independent web development consultant and trainer based in Leeds, UK and working with a wide variety of clients to improve their development practices.  She is the author of traditionally published books "PHP Master" and "PHP Web Services" in addition to her Leanpub collection and writes regularly for her own site lornajane.net and other publications.  A regular conference speaker, you can often find her at conferences and other events speaking about both business and technical topics, particularly HTTP and APIs.  Outside of work, Lorna leads the joind.in open source project - enabling real-time public feedback for speakers and organisers of community events.

Ivo Jansch
Ivo Jansch

Ivo is an 'entreprenerd', a nerd who turned into a business owner. He runs Egeniq, a mobile development and consultancy firm and Buildozer, a cloud based continuous integration tool for mobile developers. He organizes developer conferences (such as #mdevcon, for mobile developers), speaks at conferences, has written a number of books, but most of all he is a developer and software architect, with experience in Java, Objective-C and PHP.

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