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Git Workbook

Git Workbook

Self-Study Guide to Git

So you want to learn git? Work through this practical book of explanations and real-world exercises to level up your git skills one at a time.
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About the Book

Learn git by doing!  Each section teaches a specific skill or solves a specific problem - and each one includes a practical exercise for you to work through yourself.  This deliberate practice means you will quickly pick up familiarity with all the git commands you need, and be able to use this tool for your own purposes.  The short sections make this book ideal for those who are pushed for time as it can easily fit into short units of time rather than requiring sustained study.

This book assumes nothing, so beginners can begin at the beginning.  More experienced users may choose to jump straight into the sections about rebasing or working with tracking branches - it's totally up to you!

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Table of Contents

      • About This Workbook
      • Get Some Tools
      • Configure Git
      • Make A Repository
      • What’s Happening? Ask Git Status
      • Keep Your Changes Under (Source) Control
      • Study Your History with Git Log
      • Inspect Your Changes with Git Diff
      • Unstage An Added File
      • Fix An Incorrect Commit Message
      • Branch To Create A Safe Working Area
      • Apply a Branch of Changes with Git Merge
      • What’s The Story? Ask Git Log
      • Git’s Staging Area
      • Get The Right Commit On The Right Branch
      • Spot The Difference: More Git Diff
      • Power Diff with DiffTool
      • Handle Interruptions with Git Stash
      • Cherry-Pick Changes From Another Branch
      • Git Revert
      • UnMerge Changes
      • I Lost My Work: Git Reflog to the Rescue
      • Handling Conflicts - in Git and in Teams
      • Merge Types
      • Create A Fast-Forward Merge For A Clean History
      • Rewrite History With Rebase Interactive
      • Get Started With GitHub
      • Understand Multiple Remotes
      • Use Tracking Branches for Easy Collaboration
      • Pull With Rebase When Your Branch Is Out Of Date
      • Git Hooks
      • Projects Within Projects: Git Submodule
      • Git Bisect for Fault Finding in a Forest of Commits
      • Quiz Answers
      • Credits
  • Notes

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