Mobile First Web Design
Mobile First Web Design
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Mobile First Web Design

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Completed on 2018-07-08

About the Book

This is 1st edition that was first published at 2017. I’m now updating the book into 2nd edition with 2018’s latest technology. 2nd Edition will be free update for existing readers. The book is in discounted until I release the 2nd edition.

In this course, we will explore different techniques to create our content in mobile web. We will focus on content strategy for mobile devices. We will try to fit our layout into small screen. We will make the form inputs fit the virtual keyboards in touch devices. We will fetch device data such as raw touches events and device orientation. Finally, we will pack and deploy our web.

About the Author


Makzan has trained award-winning students in the past 10 years. His students won several medals of high-standard international competitions, including a gold medal in a 4-day WorldSkills Web Design and Development competition. 

He has written 5 books and 2 video course on building a multiplayers virtual world, creating games with HTML5 and web development with latest web standards.

Table of Contents

  • Mobile Web Design
  • Chapter 1 – Getting started
    • Setting up the development environment
    • Testing environment
    • Where to reference documentation?
  • Chapter 2 – Content strategy
    • Document title
    • Content strategy
    • Content structure
    • Minimal mobile friendly website
    • Mobile first approach
    • Listview
    • Do mobile web has to be a webpage?
  • Chapter 3—Using Zurb Foundation
    • Kitchen sink
    • Setting up Foundation
    • Using Foundation in Codepen
    • Downloading Foundation
    • Foundation grid
    • Block grid
    • Interchangable content
    • Push and pull column
    • Flex video
    • Off canvas
  • Chapter 4—Response with media query
    • Re-visit the minimal website
    • Using viewport to define initial browser rendering
    • Using media query to define styles with condition
    • Navigation strategy for small screen
    • Putting navigation at bottom
    • Building our own grid system
    • Introducing ungrid—another minimal grid approach
    • Media queries in Zurb Foundation
  • Chapter 5—CSS preprocessing
    • What is CSS preprocessor?
    • Preprocessing
    • Tools
    • Codepen
    • Preprocessor options
    • Nested styles
    • SCSS variable
    • SCSS mixin
    • Using loop to define grid
    • Bonus: Using English word for the column name
  • Chapter 6—Typography
    • Different font sizes
    • Font size and distance
    • Adaptive copywriting basecamp
    • Adaptive copywriting for different screens
  • Chapter 7 – Handling touches
    • Click delay
    • Using slick
    • Hammerjs
  • Chapter 8 – Form inputs
    • Specify input types
    • Styling inputs for mobile
    • Styling radio button
    • Styling input range
    • Using file button
  • Chapter 9 – Taking the web offline
    • Storing data with localstorage
    • Offline access with app cache
    • Provide offline access with Service Worker
  • Chapter 10 – Create dedicated mobile website
    • One page web application
    • Link between pages
    • Page transition
    • jQuery mobile button
    • List View
    • Customizing jQuery mobile
  • Summary
    • Performance Tips
    • One more thing—Mobile as first class citizen

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