Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform
Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform
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Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform

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Last updated on 2014-10-14

About the Book

In this book, you will see a continual work in progress. It will never be complete! The content is determined by you, the reader. Together with the intro, the first exercise is available for free. Download it immediately to get a feel of what you can expect from subsequent exercises. Subsequent exercises will continually be added and you can determine the content of those exercises. Break your complex application problem down into a small example, contribute it to the authors of this book, and they will add a new chapter to the book explaining how to port it to the NetBeans Platform.

About the Authors

Jason Wexbridge
Jason Wexbridge

Jason Wexbridge is an expert in Java software development, leading a team of engineers in a distributed development environment. He's found modularity to be the key factor in successfully setting up agile development teams and he initiated "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" to share the wealth of his experience. A technical writer by trade, his focus is always to ensure a strong mixture between theoretical and practical knowledge transfer. He's based in Orlando, Florida.

Walter Nyland
Walter Nyland

Walter Nyland has years of experience in the software industry. After development work with C and C++, he moved to Java and gradually moved all his software development activities on the NetBeans Platform. He has been responsible for a variety of corporate software development projects, particularly in unmanned vehicle control software, using the NetBeans Platform as the basis of a suite of development products. Delving into technical writing for the first time, Walter has provided a lot of the technical insights into the inner workings of the NetBeans Platform to the book. He's based in Boise, Idaho.

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Apache NetBeans Platform for Beginners
Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1
      • 1.1 Application Structure
      • 1.2 API
      • 1.3 Viewer
      • 1.4 Editor
      • 1.5 Conclusion
  • Exercise 2
      • 2.1 Providing Data
      • 2.2 Consuming Data
      • 2.3 Rewriting the Data Model
      • 2.4 Adding New Providers
      • 2.5 Conclusion
  • Exercise 3
      • 3.1 Overview
      • 3.2 Copy Code
      • 3.3 Rewrite Startup
      • 3.4 Show GUI
      • 3.5 Integrate Actions
      • 3.6 Conclusion

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