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NetBeans Platform Starter Kit

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About the Bundle

In this bundle, you get a complete introduction to the NetBeans Platform APIs, together with many exercises, in the form of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners". This book is done and has been reviewed and is over 350 pages in length. It will continue to grow as more content is added over time. There will be monthly updates, with new sections, based on your feedback.

But also included in this bundle is a discounted "Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform". We hope you will contribute to this book by telling us about the content you'd like us to include. At the time of publication, there is one exercise in the book. More will be added, but your participation is needed! Leave us a message, contribute a basic application, and we will describe the steps needed to port it to the NetBeans Platform for you!

Have fun with the awesome NetBeans Platform!

Jason and Walt.

Sold separately, these books have a minimum price of $54.99 and a suggested price of $79.99

About the Books

NetBeans Platform for Beginners

Whether a complete newbie to creating pluggable Java desktop software with the NetBeans Platform or interested in refreshing your knowledge and filling in the gaps, this is for you! The main themes of the book are modules, file systems, windows, nodes, and actions... and everything in between. Start your modular development process with the best set of texts and exercises available today.

For background on this book, read this interview with the authors, published on jaxenter.com.

Exercises in Porting to the NetBeans Platform

In this book, you will see a continual work in progress. It will never be complete! The content is determined by you, the reader. Together with the intro, the first exercise is available for free. Download it immediately to get a feel of what you can expect from subsequent exercises. Subsequent exercises will continually be added and you can determine the content of those exercises. Break your complex application problem down into a small example, contribute it to the authors of this book, and they will add a new chapter to the book explaining how to port it to the NetBeans Platform.

About the Authors

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