Mental Strategies to Improve Sight-Reading, Memorization, and Performance
Mental Strategies to Improve Sight-Reading, Memorization, and Performance
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Mental Strategies to Improve Sight-Reading, Memorization, and Performance

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About the Book

Mental Strategies to Improve Sight-Reading, Memorization, and Performance discusses ways of successfully studying and performing music that move beyond the anecdotal. Although written for classical guitar students, its conclusions can easily be adapted by any instrumentalist. It is thoroughly researched and draws on the work of legendary pianists, neurologists, psychologists, and others who have studied the ways in which we learn best, the relationship between the mind and the body, and how these can be combined to create confident and creative performances.

Note that if you own volume one of The Classical Guitar Companion, the material in this booklet is included there, so don't purchase this unless you wish to have this material in electronic form or available on your iPad, Kindle, or other device.

About the Author

Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg

Christopher Berg received his training at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and in master classes with Andrés Segovia at the University of Southern California. He has performed hundreds of concerts throughout the United States and is a Carolina Distinguished Professor at the University of South Carolina where he has directed the classical guitar program since 1978. He has guided hundreds of students through their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in guitar performance.

He has released a CD of original music, The Pilgrim Forest, and is the author of Mastering Guitar Technique: Process and Essence, Giuliani Revisitied, and The Classical Guitar Companion.

Table of Contents

    • About the Author
    • Introduction
    • Great Musicians and Teachers of the Past
      • Karl Leimer
      • Myelin
    • Let the Future In
    • Zen in the Act of Pernicious Pedagogy
    • Daylight Upon the Magic
    • Procedures
      • Malwine Brée: Don’t Waste Fine Feeling on Wrong Notes
      • Marie von Unschuld: Tips and Hints for learning by heart
      • Recommended Procedures for Guitarists
    • Performance
      • Procedure
  • Notes

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