Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One
Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One
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Learn Ruby on Rails: Book One

Last updated on 2016-02-05

About the Book

For a solid start on Ruby on Rails web development...

Get this book by renowned teacher and author Daniel Kehoe. No other tutorial does a better job of explaining the concepts. Master the basics. Learn the practices you'll use in the workplace as a professional Rails developer. And understand the bigger picture of web application development, using the newest Rails version. This is the book you should read before any other Rails tutorial.

This book is written for YOU if you are new to Ruby on Rails and...

  • You've got experience with the web and need to learn Rails
  • You don't know how to program -- but want to learn
  • You want to build an application
  • You want to start a career as a professional web developer

You can find this book on Amazon, with dozens of 5 star reviews, in a Kindle edition. Get it here on the Leanpub site, with your choice of PDF, Epub, or Mobi versions, for FREE.

About the Author

Daniel Kehoe
Daniel Kehoe

Daniel Kehoe is a former writer and editor at PC WORLD and NeXTWORLD magazines, who is known for a lively and entertaining writing style. Kehoe has built web applications since the web's beginnings in 1991 and has worked with Rails since 2006 as a consultant and technical cofounder for startups. He is well-known in the Rails community for the popular RailsApps project, which offers tutorials and example applications for professional Rails developers.

Reader Testimonials

Linda Liukas
Linda Liukas

co-founder of Rails Girls

'Learn Ruby on Rails' is a great book for anyone starting to learn web development, giving you the context and explanations at the right time in an encouraging way.

Michael Hartl
Michael Hartl

author of the 'Ruby on Rails Tutorial'

If you're new to web development, I recommend Daniel Kehoe's excellent 'Learn Ruby on Rails' book. 'Learn Ruby on Rails' is the gentlest introduction to Rails that I know of, so it's a great place for beginners to start.

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