Learn Ionic 5 From Scratch
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Learn Ionic 5 From Scratch

Launch your mobile development career by creating amazing cross platform applications with Angular, Vue and React.

About the Book

Learn Ionic 4 From Scratch

Launch your mobile development career by creating amazing cross platform applications with Angular, Vue and React.

Creating mobile applications with web technologies has never been easier. Ionic uses the power of Stencil to create performant applications that we can bundle as a native application, or deploy as a Progressive Web Application. By the end of this book, you'll be able to create mobile experiences using Angular, React, Vue.js and JavaScript.

This book covers everything from:

  • Ionic 4 with Angular, Vue.js and React.
  • Master the Ionic CLI.
  • Styling.
  • Ionic Components.
  • Local Data Storage
  • Routing patterns (with lazy loading).
  • Much more!

Here's a specific breakdown of some project(s) we create within the book:

React Projects

Bitcoin Price Tracker

Leverage your React skills to create a Bitcoin price tracker with Ionic 4 and React. You can see an example of the final project here.

  • How to create an Ionic application with React and TypeScript.
  • How to get data from a REST API.
  • How to display "Skeleton UI" data whilst gathering data from an API.
  • How to display data on-screen using React.
  • How to theme our Ionic application using CSS variables

Vue.js iTunes Search

In this section we'll create a Vue.js and Ionic project that uses the iTunes API to display album data for a particular artist.

By the end of this section you will have created an application that takes advantage of:

  • Using `fetch` to get data from the iTunes API
  • How to use `async` and `await` as a modern way to work with JavaScript promises
  • How to display data on screen using Ionic components
  • Use Vue.js and Ionic to represent our state as UI components.


This book is driven by community feedback, and by purchasing it you'll have access to the private Discourse forum. I'd love your suggestions as to what you'd like covered next, as well as anything you feel could be improved.

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    • JavaScript
    • ES6
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web Development
    • Software Engineering
    • Vue.js
    • React
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About the Author

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday

Paul Halliday (BSc Hons) is a developer advocate with a focus for fast moving technologies. He loves anything related to JavaScript and has strong foundations in the enterprise mobility space. He is a Progress Developer Expert with expertise in NativeScript and Kendo UI. As well as this, Paul also has an obsession for performance and is Google accredited for Mobile Sites.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About Me
  • How to get the most out of this book
    • Forums
    • Make the projects your own
    • Slowly, tiger
  • So you want to build an app?
    • Adaptive launch: Doing one thing really well
  • Development Environment
    • Using nvm
    • Editor
    • Git
    • Installing the Ionic CLI
  • So, what is Ionic?
    • Why should I use Ionic in my apps?
    • How easy is Ionic to learn?
    • But what if I don’t have any prior experience with development?
    • History of Ionic
  • Creating an Ionic Application with the Ionic Wizard
    • Creating a new Ionic React application
  • Ionic 4 and React
    • Hello, Ionic & React!
  • Ionic 5 with Angular, Vue and React
    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • React
    • Conclusion
  • Angular: Project 1 - Greeting
    • Package Contents
    • Run in the Browser
    • Theming
    • Content
    • Greeting
    • Summary
  • Angular: Adding Tabs
  • Angular: Project 2 - Flashlight Application
    • Creating the Project
    • Project Setup
    • Using the Flashlight
    • Summary
  • Angular: Network Detection
    • Adding Plugins to the Project
    • Adding Network as a Provider
    • Component
  • Chapter 2 - Angular: Navigation
  • Angular: Capacitor
    • Using Capacitor with Ionic
    • Adding the Camera
  • Angular: State Management with @ngrx
    • Redux Primer
    • Adding @ngrx
    • Using @ngrx
  • Angular: Firebase Authentication
  • @ngrx and Firebase: Authentication
  • Angular: Firebase Cloud Functions
    • Project Setup
  • Production: Continuous Integration with Travis CI &Firebase Hosting
    • Project Setup
    • Creating a GitHub project
    • Adding Firebase Hosting
  • Ionic 5 and React: Geolocation
    • New Ionic React project
  • React: Bitcoin Price Checker
    • New project
    • API Integration
    • Ionic Components
    • Summary
  • React: Navigation
    • Ionic Styles
    • Page creation
  • Slider Introduction UI
    • New React Project
  • Vue CLI: Creating a new project
  • Vue.js: Todo List with JSON Server and Axios
  • Vue: iTunes API Album Search
    • Vue CLI: Creating a new project
    • Creating the user interface
    • API calls
    • State > UI
    • Summary
  • Vue Router
  • Vue.js: Chat with Socket.io and Netlify Hosting
    • Getting Started
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Changing the background of a page
  • Ionic Grid System
  • Stencil
    • Creating a Stencil project
    • Components
    • Using the ion-router with Stencil components
  • Ionic 5 and Angular.js
  • Ionic DevApp
    • What is Ionic DevApp?
    • What’s the main benefits?
    • What’s the limitations?
    • Using DevApp
  • Ionic Components
    • Modal
    • Backdrop
    • Slides
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue

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