Lean - primeiros passos
Lean - primeiros passos (Lean - primeiros passos)
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Lean - primeiros passos

Última actualização: 2016-01-01

Sobre o Livro

João Paulo Pinto

Doutorado em Gestão de Operações (UK, 2004), Mestrado em Sistemas Avançados de Fabrico e Novas Tecnologias (1993, UK) e Engenheiro Industrial (1991, Pt). É docente universitário desde 1993, consultor e formador nas áreas da gestão de operações. lean six sigma, engenharia e logística industrial. É autor de 3 livros pela editora lídel e o fundador da CLT Valuebased Services (www.cltservices.net).

Sobre o Autor

valuebased publishing
valuebased publishing

My name is Paulo Pinto, I am an Industrial Engineer with a Master degree in “Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology” (University of Liverpool, UK) and a PhD degree in Operations Management (Huddersfield University, UK). 

I am an experienced Operations Manager, with sound knowledge in Lean Six Sigma. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and service industry. In the previous years I worked as a consultant and trainer, managing several improvement projects. I am also a part time University teacher, something that helped me to keep up to date.


Table of Contents

1.       Primeiro as primeiras coisas                                                         5

2.       Princípios e pilares do pensamento lean                                    5

3.       Os facilitadores da melhoria contínua                                         11

4.       3M - os três demónios dos processos                                          12

5.       A matemática do lean                                                                      14

6.       Dançar conforme o toque – takt time                                          15

7.       Medir o todo e não as partes                                                           16

8.       A lei de Little tornada simples                                                       17

9.       Stocks – a fonte de todos os males?                                              18

10.    O roadmap a seguir                                                                          20

11.    Os métodos e as ferramentas lean                                 23

12.    A matriz dos stakeholders                                                              25

13.    VSM – mapeamento da cadeia de valor                                        26

14.    O SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, output, customer)         28

15.    O diagrama de spaghetti                                                                 30

16.    O pensamento A3                                                                              30

17.    O diagrama de Ishikawa                                                                  32

18.    Os 5W e a fórmula 5W2H                                                33

19.    Os 5S                                                                                                   35

20.    SMED – redução de setups                                                              36

21.    O obeya room                                                                                    38

22.    Quadro kamishibay                                                                         41

23.    O método FMEA                                                                               44

24.    TOPS/8D                                                                                            46

25.    Formulário AAR                                                                                47

26.    O quarto demónio: as Reuniões                                                    48

27.    A Toyota e o sistema TPS                                                50

28.    A formação de Senseis                                                                     56

29.    Quem somos e o que fazemos                                                       57

30.    Glossário                                                                                              60

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