Digital products leadership
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Digital products leadership

The science and art of managing product teams

About the Book

The book is focused on the head of product role, but it will be useful to anyone within a digital product development team as well as for anyone who is not in this team but works in a company that has, or plans to have, a digital product development team.

Being a head of a digital product encompasses many different aspects and skills, that's the reason why Joaquim Torres decided to write this book about this topic using his almost 30 years of experience in developing and managing digital products.

The book is focused on the head of product role, but it will be useful to anyone within a digital product development team as well as for anyone who is not in this team but works in a company that has, or plans to have, a digital product development team.

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About the Author

Joaquim Torres (Joca)
Joaquim Torres (Joca)

Accomplished technologist and manager with a unique ability to bridge the gap between the technical world and customers needs. Almost 30 years of experience in digital product development and management.

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Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • About the book
      • Expectation management
      • Leading Product Development: the art and science of leading digital products
    • About the author - Joaquim Torres (Joca)
      • What is your purpose?
    • Thanks
  • Concepts
    • What are digital products and product management?
      • Platforms
      • Digital product management
      • To know more
    • Roles, responsibilities, and seniority
      • Seniority levels
      • What is your seniority?
      • Summing up
    • Product management career
      • And then?
      • Group Product Manager
      • Interim leadership
      • CPO or Product VP
      • Y career
      • Summing up
    • Product vision
      • What is a product vision?
      • Product vision creation process
      • Summing up
    • Strategy and objectives
      • Creating your product strategy
      • Reviewing your product strategy
      • Summing up
    • Team structure
      • Product Teams
      • Organizing product teams
      • Organizing squads in a product team
      • Structural Teams
      • Implementation
      • What is the best ratio between Eng, UX, and PM?
      • Conway’s Law
      • Tuckman’s stages of team evolution
      • Business units
      • What makes a group of people behave as a team?
      • Summing up
    • Developing the team and managing expectations
      • Empathy
      • Communication
      • Business skills
      • Summing up
    • Leadership anti-patterns
      • Documentation
      • Focus on data
      • Big rewrite
      • Wishlist
      • Summing up
  • Principles
    • People: priority #1, always
      • People: priority #1, always
      • Rotten apples
      • Summing up
    • Leading is like being a doctor
      • Agile leadership
      • Summing up
    • Leading under pressure
      • Think of people and teams as balloons
      • Summing up
    • Mentoring
      • A two-way street
      • Summing up
    • How and when to delegate
      • Ways to do
      • Learning opportunity
      • Summing up
    • Culture and values
      • What is culture?
      • Don’t waste time looking for culprits, focus on learning
      • Don’t compare work situations with war, nobody wants to kill anyone
      • Profit and revenue are a consequence, should not be the main focus
      • Summing up
    • Transparency, the foundation of a high-performance team
      • Open book management
      • Clóvis Bojikian, former director of HR at Semco, on how to implement organizational democracy
      • My view on the importance of transparency in leadership
      • Summing up
    • Diversity, the basis of the best products
      • And what does diversity have to do with digital product management?
      • Diversity of perspectives
      • Summing up
    • Release early and often
      • Product culture
      • If you are not ashamed of your first version, you took too long to launch
      • MMF — Minimal Marketable Feature
      • Summing up
    • Focus on the problem
      • Problem mindset vs. solution mindset
      • Projects vs. problems
      • Problem solving teams vs. solution implementing teams
      • The top-down trap
      • Summing up
    • Result delivery
      • Feature Factory
      • Focus on the result
      • Summing up
    • Ecosystem mindset
      • Diversifying - and digitizing - a product portfolio
      • Summing up
  • Tools
    • Vision, strategy, objectives and team structure
      • Summing up
    • Measuring and managing productivity
      • Measurement
      • What impacts productivity
      • Put the topic of productivity at the center of the discussion
      • Summing up
    • Measuring and managing quality
      • How can we improve the quality of our product?
      • Another example of bug tracking
      • Quality is not just bug control
      • Why is quality so important?
      • Fail fast vs. learn fast
      • Summing up
    • Metrics
      • Metric types
      • Tracking metrics
      • Summing up
    • Relationships
      • RASCI
      • Power-Interest Grid
      • Empathy
      • Summing up
    • Hire the right people
      • Interviewing
      • Summing up
    • Feedback and performance evaluation
      • Characteristics of a good product manager
      • Product managers need to know how to program?
      • Performance evaluation
      • Retrospective, an alternative to the performance evaluation process
      • Promotions and salary increases
      • Summing up
    • Ceremonies
      • 1:1 meetings
      • Leadership team meetings
      • Product Council
      • Product Update
      • Team structure meeting
      • Summing up
    • Summing up
      • Concepts
      • Principles
      • Tools
    • Conclusion
      • Shall we continue the conversation?

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