Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams
Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams


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Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams

Last updated on 2016-06-03

About the Book

Lambdas and Streams allow a concise functional programming style.Albeit very powerful, the lambda syntax looks strange at first glance and the developer needs to get familiarized.This books provides you a concise introduction into this matter

This book is a translation into English of Java Lambdas und (parallel) Streams which was originally written in Deutsch.

About the Author

Michael Müller
Michael Müller

Michael Müller is an IT professional with more than 30 years of experience including about 25 years in the healthcare sector. During this time, he has worked in different areas, especially project and product management, consulting, and software development. He gained international knowledge not only by targeting international markets, but also by leading external teams (from Eastern Europe and India).

Currently, he is the head of software development at the German DRG institute []. In this role, he is responsible for Web applications as well as other Java and .NET projects.Web projects are preferably built with Java technologies such as JSF with the help of supporting languages like JavaScript.

Michael is a JSF professional user and a member of the JSR 344 and JSR 372 (JSF) expert groups. Due to his community activities he was invited to join the NetBeans Dream Team and became a member January 2016.

He frequently reads books and writes reviews as well as technical papers, which are mostly published in German-printed magazines and on his website []. Beside that, he irregular blogs about software development [].

Michael likes to share his knowledge. Enjoy his writings!

Table of Contents

    • Preliminary note
    • Cover image
    • Acknowledgements
    • About the Author
    • About this book
      • Conventions
      • Links
      • Errors and typos
      • Copyright
    • 1. Inroduction
      • 1.1 Lambdas and (Parallel) Streams
      • 1.2 The challenge
      • 1.3 The solution
      • 1.4 A first explanation
    • 2. The data
    • 3. First analysis - from naive to flexible
      • 3.1 Fix filter
      • 3.2 Simple parameterization
      • 3.3 Behavior parameterization
      • 3.4 Anonymous classes
    • 4. Lambda expressions
      • 4.1 Functional interface
      • 4.2 Lambda notation
      • 4.3 Lazy evaluation
      • 4.4 Summary
    • 5. Default method
      • 5.1 The problem
      • 5.2 Solution - The Java way
      • 5.3 Rules to choose a default method
      • 5.4 Summary
    • 6. Optional
    • 7. Make the acquaintance of Streams
      • 7.1 Examples
      • 7.2 Parallel processing
      • 7.3 Summary
    • 8. stream(), Stream and Spliterator
      • 8.1 Stream
      • 8.2 Spliterator
      • 8.3 Summary
    • 9. Parallel Stream
      • 9.1 Summary
    • 10. Collector and Concurrency
      • 10.1 Java concurrency
      • 10.2 Collect
      • 10.3 Summary
    • 11. Additional chapters
  • Appendix
    • Program to create the demo data
      • Basic data
      • Article
      • Persons
      • Other classes
      • Demo program
  • Notes

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