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Kanban Workbook
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Kanban Workbook

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Completed on 2016-11-29

About the Book

This is a book for those who learn best by doing, prefer pictures to words, and stories to theory. Although the book does include words and theory, we've tried to keep it simple.

Join us as we follow the journey of a company called Growing Gardens, as they embark on a project to write a gardening book using Kanban. We will see how their board evolves as they embrace the principles of Kanban, and encounter problems along the way.

We'll give you just enough theory to understand how and why the principles work, and then a checklist to help you start your own board.

This works for any industry and team. After all we used Kanban to write this book!

About the Authors

Karen Greaves
Karen Greaves

I'm an Agile Trainer and Coach at Growing Agile. I try to bring fun into everything I do whether it is work or home. At work I love helping teams and individuals find ways to improve and enjoy what they do. At home I enjoy playing xbox, cuddling with my cats, and drinking champagne.

Samantha Laing
Samantha Laing

My passion for agile is lived daily at Growing Agile and Datacom. My personal motto is ‘be brave’, and I embody this by taking on challenges one small step at a time. On weekends you can find me trail running on a mountain or playing with my mutts.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword by Melissa Perri
    • About the Authors
    • Introduction
  • I Visualise Your Work
    • 1. Growing Gardens: Visualise the Work
    • 2. Visualisation Tips
    • 3. Growing Gardens: Using the Board
    • 4. Apply: Visualise your Work
  • II Limiting WIP and Pull
    • 5. Growing Gardens: Limiting Work and Pulling Work
    • 6. Tips for Limiting WIP and Enabling Pull
    • 7. Growing Gardens: Applying WIP Limits and Pull
    • 8. Apply: WIP limits and Pull
  • III Manage Flow
    • 9. Growing Gardens: Dealing with Blockages
    • 10. Tips for Managing Flow
    • 11. Growing Gardens: Buffers and Standups
    • 12. Apply: Manage Flow
  • IV Make Policies Explicit
    • 13. Growing Gardens: Dealing with Other Work
    • 14. Tips for Making Policies Explicit
    • 15. Growing Gardens: Adding Swimlanes
    • 16. Apply: Make Policies Explicit
  • V Improve Collaboratively
    • 17. Growing Gardens: Improving
    • 18. Tips for Improving Collaboratively
    • 19. Growing Gardens: Using the Board
    • 20. Apply: Improve Collaboratively
  • Appendix
    • Personal Kanban
    • Aeroplane Game
    • Growing Agile Online Courses
    • Growing Agile Books
    • About Growing Agile

About the Publisher

This book is published on Leanpub by Growing Agile

Growing Agile is a partnership between Karen and Sam focused on helping companies and individuals be agile. We provide coaching, support and training to help you find the right path for your organization. Our goal as a company is as simple as our name – to keep growing agile.

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