IT Security Myths
IT Security Myths
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IT Security Myths

Last updated on 2014-08-23

About the Book

About the Author

Sorin Mustaca
Sorin Mustaca

Sorin Mustaca, (ISC)2 CSSLP, CompTIA Security+ and Project+, is working since 2000 in the IT Security industry and until June 2014 for Avira. In his role as Product Manager for Avira his was responsible for the known products used by over 100 million users world-wide. Serving the security needs of so many different users made him think that there are other ways of to help the users: teaching them about security.

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IT Security Myths
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Table of Contents

  • Who should read this book?
  • Author’s profile
  • Copyright
  • IT Security Myths
    • This can never happen to me
    • Our network is secure, we can’t be hacked!
    • Our employees would never steal data!
    • Why would anyone hack exactly us/me?
    • I have an antivirus, therefore i can’t get infected
    • Security suites are overrated
    • I don’t surf on dangerous websites, therefore i am safe
    • Spam is just annoying, not dangerous
    • Why deactivate unused services since nobody is using them anyway?
    • Products advertised in spam emails are so cheap just because they don’t require any expensive marketing
    • Antivirus vendors write the viruses themselves so that they can sell their expensive products
    • Open source software is by definition unsecure
    • Any computer virus will produce something visible on the screen
    • If a website is using ssl it must be secure and reliable
    • Macs never get infected
    • Security risks can be quantified
    • Security is the CISO´s problem
    • Backup on an external disk is the safest as it can be
    • Free security solutions are all I need
    • If i use ssl to send emails nobody can peek into my emails
    • I am invisible if I use ‘incognito’, ‘private’ or ‘guest’ browsing
    • Hiding your wireless network’s name improves its security

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