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Improve Your Security

Improve Your Security

Everything what you wanted to know about IT security and didn't know who to ask

A MUST read book if you are regularly using a computer. The goal of this book is to allow everybody to understand where the cyber dangers are and how to avoid them. Simple language, real life examples, no abstract security expert talk.
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About the Book

A MUST read book if:

- You are regularly using a computer.

- You have an account on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo, Pinterest, Skype or any other online service.

- You are using online backup like Dropbox, Memopal, CX and others.

The goal of this book is to allow everybody to understand where the cyber dangers are and how to avoid them.

Simple language, real life examples, no abstract security expert talk.

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Table of Contents

  • Who should read this book?
  • Author’s profile
  • Copyright
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Accounts and Passwords
    • 1.1 Create good passwords
    • 1.2 Complex passwords aren’t always better
    • 1.3 Use dedicated accounts for each user
    • 1.4 Change the default passwords
  • 2. Online Security
    • 2.1 Online Protection
    • 2.2 Harden your Facebook account
    • 2.3 Enable two-factor authentication
    • 2.4 Enable two-factor authentication for Google
    • 2.5 Enable two-factor authentication for Facebook
    • 2.6 Enable two-factor authentication for Dropbox
    • 2.7 Enable two-factor authentication for Twitter
    • 2.8 Enable two-factor authentication for LinkedIn
    • 2.9 Enable two-factor authentication for Tumblr
    • 2.10 Improve your browser’s security and privacy in 5 steps
  • 3. Device Security
    • 3.1 Securing your notebook
    • 3.2 Update your Software often
    • 3.3 Password protect your smartphone
    • 3.4 Make backups
    • 3.5 Encrypt your data
    • 3.6 What to do if your computer has a virus
    • 3.7 Cleaning your computer
    • 3.8 Goodbye, Windows XP?
  • 4. Tips that you can print
    • 4.1 20 Tips to improve your overall security
    • 4.2 5 signs you’ll notice if your social media account has been hacked
    • 4.3 How to secure a new computer in 10 steps
    • 4.4 How to protect your social media account
    • 4.5 10 tips to improve your mobile devices security
    • 4.6 Security tips for safe online shopping
    • 4.7 5 tips to keep your mobile devices safe while using 3/4G and LTE
    • 4.8 Tips to secure your photos (including those private)
    • 4.9 Security checklist for Back to school
  • 5. Protect yourself against advertisements and tracking
    • 5.1 What to do to stop phone and mail advertisements
    • 5.2 Protect yourself and all your devices against aggressive advertisements for FREE
    • 5.3 Protect yourself and all your devices against tracking for FREE
    • 5.4 Did you know you can opt-out from Googles targeted ads and tracking?
  • 6. IT Security Myths
    • 6.1 This can never happen to me
    • 6.2 Our network is secure, we cant be hacked!
    • 6.3 Our employees would never steal data!
    • 6.4 Why would anyone hack exactly us/me?
    • 6.5 I have an antivirus, therefore i cant get infected
    • 6.6 Security suites are overrated
    • 6.7 I dont surf on dangerous websites, therefore i am safe
    • 6.8 Spam is just annoying, not dangerous
    • 6.9 Why deactivate unused services since nobody is using them anyway?
    • 6.10 Products advertised in spam emails are so cheap just because they dont require any expensive marketing
    • 6.11 Antivirus vendors write the viruses themselves so that they can sell their expensive products
    • 6.12 Open source software is by definition unsecure
    • 6.13 Any computer virus will produce something visible on the screen
    • 6.14 If a website is using ssl it must be secure and reliable
    • 6.15 Macs never get infected
    • 6.16 Security risks can be quantified
    • 6.17 Security is the CISOs problem
    • 6.18 Backup on an external disk is the safest as it can be
    • 6.19 Free security solutions are all I need
    • 6.20 If i use ssl to send emails nobody can peek into my emails
    • 6.21 I am invisible if I use incognito, private or guest browsing
    • 6.22 Hiding your wireless networks name improves its security
  • 7. Online safety for parents
    • 7.1 Advises for parents and tutors in regard to online safety
    • 7.2 Parental supervision for sharing
    • 7.3 Parental control for browsing
  • 8. 10 signs you should invest in your personal cyber security
    • 8.1 You see unauthorized expenses
    • 8.2 You have one single password for everything
    • 8.3 Your computer and browser are slower than before
    • 8.4 You appear logged on from various geographical locations
    • 8.5 You see posts you never authorized or wrote on Facebook
    • 8.6 Your emails are marked as spam
    • 8.7 You see a lot more ads in the browser
    • 8.8 You unsubscribe from spams
    • 8.9 You give personal information when requested by a stranger
    • 8.10 You install software a page pretends to require

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