iOS7 Day by Day
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iOS7 Day by Day

a review of iOS7 for developers, in 24 bite-sized chunks

About the Book

UPDATE: If you like the look of this book you should check out the new version - it's a blog series all about iOS8, excitingly titled "iOS8: Day by Day". You can read it in blog form at

Apple introduced iOS7 to the world in September 2013, and with it came the biggest visual refresh of the operating system since it was launched. However, not only did the UI get a complete revamp, many new frameworks, API and features were added for developers to take advantage of in their apps.

iOS7: Day by Day takes a stroll through this new functionality from a developer perspective. Each chapter takes a look at a different feature, with code and a sample app to aid demonstration. The chapters are detailed enough to allow a reader to get up to speed on complex APIs, but are sufficiently short that they can be digested on a daily schedule.

The book covers all the major new frameworks - from CoreText to MultipeerConnectivity, and digs into lots of the hidden gems which developers are going to love.

This book is available in paper form on lulu if you prefer reading something other than a screen.

About the Author

Sam Davies
Sam Davies

Sam is the Technical Evangelist for ShinobiControls, and spends his life creating code for both iOS and Android, blogging about it and meeting people. Prior to working in mobile software development, Sam worked as a computer vision researcher completing his doctorate in 2005 before continuing his research for the UK Government. Deciding that his passion lay elsewhere, Sam has been developing software for mobile devices ever since. Getting out and talking to people about data visualisation, mobile software the wider ecosystem is Sam’s forte - be sure to say hi when you see him at events and meet ups around the world. You can follow him on twitter @iwantmyrealname.

ShinobiControls offer the best native controls for data-visualization and boosting developer efficiency available on both iOS and Android. With complete customer satisfaction and end user experience at the heart of everything they do, ShinobiControls constantly strive to deliver the highest preforming data components at a price to suit all pockets. Take app building to a new level and save yourself time and money with our range of easy to implement Charts, Grids and UI Controls. See for yourself with a free 30 day free trial!

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Audience
    • Book layout
    • Source code
  • Day 0: UIKit Dynamics
    • The physical universe
    • Building a pendulum
    • Conclusion
  • Day 1: NSURLSession
    • Simple download
    • Tracking progress
    • Canceling a download
    • Resumable download
    • Background download
    • Summary
  • Day 2: Asset Catalog
    • Introduction
    • Custom imagesets
    • Conclusion
  • Day 3: Background Fetch
    • Introduction
    • Enabling background fetch
    • Implementation
    • Testing
    • Conclusion
  • Day4: Speech Synthesis with AVSpeechSynthesizer
    • Introduction
    • Voices
    • Utterances
    • Implementation
    • Conclusion
  • Day 5: UIDynamics and Collection Views
    • Building a Carousel
    • Adding springs
    • Inserting items
    • Conclusion
  • Day 6: TintColor
    • Tint color of existing iOS controls
    • Tint Dimming
    • Using tint color in custom views
    • Tinting images with tintColor
    • Conclusion
  • Day 7: Taking Snapshots of UIViews
    • Introduction
    • Snapshotting for Animation
    • Pre/post View Updates
    • Snapshotting to an image
    • Limitations
    • Conclusion
  • Day 8: Reading list with SafariServices
    • Introduction
    • Usage
    • Sample project
    • Conclusion
  • Day 9: Device Identification
    • Introduction
    • Vendor Identification
    • Advertising Identification
    • Network Identification
    • Conclusion
  • Day 10: Custom UIViewController Transitions
    • Navigation Controller Delegate
    • Creating a custom transition
    • Summary
  • Day 11: UIView Key-Frame Animations
    • Introduction
    • Rainbow Changer
    • Keyframe animation options
    • Rotation Directions
    • Conclusion
  • Day 12: Dynamic Type
    • Introduction
    • Dynamic Type
    • Font Descriptors
    • Conclusion
  • Day 13: Route Directions with MapKit
    • Introduction
    • Requesting Directions
    • Directions Response
    • Rendering a Polyline
    • Route steps
    • Building RouteMaster
    • Conclusion
  • Day 14: Interactive View Controller Transitions
    • Introduction
    • Flip Transition Animation
    • Interactive transitioning
    • Conclusion
  • Day 15: CoreImage Filters
    • Introduction
    • Photo Effect Filters
    • QR Code Generation
    • Conclusion
  • Day 16: Decoding QR Codes with AVFoundation
    • Introduction
    • AVFoundation pipeline
    • Capturing metadata
    • Drawing the code outline
    • Conclusion
  • Day 17: iBeacons
    • Introduction
    • Create a beacon
    • Beacon Ranging
    • Conclusion
  • Day 18: Detecting Face Features with CoreImage
    • Introduction
    • Face detection with AVFoundation
    • Feature finding with CoreImage
    • Conclusion
  • Day 19: UITableView Row Height Estimation
    • Introduction
    • Without estimation
    • With estimation
    • Conclusion
  • Day 20: View controller content and navigation bars
    • Introduction
    • iOS7 View Controller Changes: The theory
    • In Practice
    • Conclusion
  • Day 21: Multi-column TextKit text rendering
    • Introduction
    • TextKit
    • Multiple Columns
    • Conclusion
  • Day 22: Downloadable Fonts
    • Introduction
    • Listing available fonts
    • Downloading a font
    • Conclusion
  • Day 23: Multipeer Connectivity
    • Introduction
    • Browsing for devices
    • Advertising availability
    • Sending Data
    • Conclusion
  • Afterword
    • Useful Links

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