Introducing… by Alberto Brandolini [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Introducing EventStorming
Introducing EventStorming
Introducing EventStorming

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Last updated on 2017-01-16

About the Book

At first look, EventStorming is deceiptivaly simple: just have a long paper roll available, and a virtually unlimited stock of colored sticky notes and start modelling problems that looked too big to be modelled. But the ability to visually mastering large scale complexity opens the way to many interesting outcomes.

Better business processes: once you see the process, impediments and correlations are vividly displayed. You can't avoid tackling them.

- Better software architectures: see the areas where stakeholders needs are in conflict, resolve coflicts by leveraging bounded contexts.

Better learning: exploration of complex domain is now question-driven and with a visible collective sketch. Your team will never be so wise.

Better interactions: trigger the right conversation between the right people.

In this book you'll find guidance about how to leverage the potential of EventStorming.

Disclaimer: work in progress

The book is still in progress. There's holes and FIXME section. And there's a great need for feedback.

I 've set up a trello project in order to collect some feedback. Don't know yet if that's a good idea or not, but here's the link.

About the Author

Alberto Brandolini
Alberto Brandolini

I am helping teams and companies to develop brilliant solutions to complex problems. Sometimes this involves writing software. Sometimes this involves working with people. I like both ways, especially when it leads me into unexplored territories.

I've been coding since 1982, experimenting since ...forever? This led me into Agile, Domain-Driven Design, Lean, Complexity, Management 3.0 and everything needed in order to solve the problem.

I am a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a developer, a teacher, a public speaker, a cook, a drummer... now it's time to be a writer.

A glimpse of what I am into can be found on my blog, and I've been speaking in quite a few places lately. My presentation track is available here.

I run avanscopertaone of the coolest places on earth to teachlearn and experiment

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