How To Develop A Leanpub Course With R
How To Develop A Leanpub Course With R
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How To Develop A Leanpub Course With R

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Last updated on 2018-11-28

About the Book

This book walks through the steps of how to generate a Leanpub Course in R.

This book is for anyone with background knowledge in R who is interested in generating the content for their course but doesn't want to worry about tracking files, naming files, consistency, or manually updating things in the future.

Using the `didactr` package developed by John Muschelli, the process of developing courses, identifying compilation issues, and editing content in the future becomes automated and simple. The content in this book will walk you through all the necessary steps to: 

  • generate a Leanpub course on the Leanpub website
  • set up the required file structure 
  • automatically create lessons 
  • add content to lessons
  • automatically generate images from Google Slides
  • generate automated videos
  • upload automated videos to YouTube
  • check courses for compilation errors
  • track updates to courses and automatically re-compile course 

About the Authors

John Muschelli
John Muschelli

I am an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I focus on data science, including teaching a few courses and creating a number of R packages, and the analysis of neuroimaging data.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Leanpub Course
  • Course Structure
    • Leanpub Structure
    • How To: Course Structure
  • Course Content
    • Leanpub Content
    • How To: Course Content
  • Course Checking
    • Leanpub Checks
    • How To: Course Checking
  • Images
    • Leanpub Images
    • How To: Images
  • Videos
    • Leanpub Videos
    • How To: Videos
  • Previewing & Publishing
    • Leanpub Preview
    • Leanpub Publishing
  • Appendix A: Course Generation Code
  • Appendix B: Where We Used This Process

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