Complete and Most Excellent Micro… by Toby Hede [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
The Complete and Most Excellent Micro Manual for Hosting a Static Website on AWS
The Complete and Most Excellent Micro Manual for Hosting a Static Website on AWS
The Complete and Most Excellent Micro Manual for Hosting a Static Website on AWS

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Last updated on 2016-03-15

About the Book

Create hosting for your website with one line of code

A complete static site backed onto Amazon's incredible global Content Delivery Network and redudant DNS infrastructure.

With one line of code.

cloudformation create-stack --template-body file:// --cli-input-json file://config.json

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions

All the steps for hosting a static site on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using CloudFormation, S3, Route53, SSL and the CloudFront or CloudFlare CDNs.

CloudFormation Starter Kit

Get started fast with our simple starter kit. All of the complex configuration has been wrapped into a simple CloudFormation template. Plus we talk you through setting up a new stack and provide straight forward steps for managing your new site with minimal manual configuration.

Best Practice Security

Lock down your account with detailed instructions on setting up a custom AWS Security Policy.

Free Upgrades

Keep ahead of changes in technology with free upgrades. The book and free starter kit will be reguarly updated to reflect the state of the art in AWS.

Bonus Free Tier

As an added bonus, for many sites, the AWS Free Tier means that hosting may be free for the first year.

What's Covered

  1. An Introduction to Static Hosting on AWS
  2. Creating and Configuring an AWS Account and IAM User
  3. Granting User Security Access Permisions
  4. Installing and Configuring the AWS Shell
  5. Creating and Updating a Cloud Formation Stack
  6. Configuring SSL with Amazon Certificate Manager and Cloud Front
  7. Configuring SSL and CDN with CloudFlare

Part of the MicroManuals series by Toby Hede.

About the Author

Toby Hede
Toby Hede

Polyglot Programmer.

Zombie Astronautic Architect.

Author of 1..N Micromanuals



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Reader Testimonials

Dominic Hede
Dominic Hede

I am the author's younger brother and he made me say this.

An amazing and comprehensive introduction to hosting a static site on AWS

Lucy Helena
Lucy Helena

I worked with Toby and he asked me for this testimonial

A well-written and succinct book that gets to the point and allows for fast learning.

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