Hearts over Diamonds
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Hearts over Diamonds

Serving Business and Society Through Organisational Psychotherapy

About the Book

To my knowledge, this is the first book ever written about Organisational Psychotherapy. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. This is a short book. And intentionally so. It’s not that Organisational Psychotherapy is a shallow domain. But this book just lays down the basics.

This book aims to inform three distinct groups of people: 

  • Senior managers and executives who might find advantage in hiring and engaging with an Organisational Psychotherapist.
  • Folks who might have an interest in becoming Organisational Psychotherapists themselves, either within their organisations or as e.g. freelancers.  
  • Folks within organisations who might find themselves involved in some way in their organisation’s engagement with one or more organisational psychotherapists.

We’re all busy people, so I guess you may be curious, or even a little concerned, as to whether this book will provide a good return on the time you might spend reading it. I’ve tried to arrange things so that you can quickly answer that question.

I intend this book to be easy to understand, and to that end I’ve used as much plain English as I can muster. I guess some folks find the whole idea of Organisational Psychotherapy somewhat intimidating, and fear the ideas here will “go over their heads”. Let me reassure you that I’ve tried to make this book common-sensical, friendly and down-to-earth.

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About the Author

Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall

My name is Bob Marshall and these days I most often describe myself as an Organisational Psychotherapist. Which is to say, I bring psychotherapy techniques out of the therapy room and into the organisation as a whole. When trying to change the culture and thinking of a whole organisation, what better way than Organisational Psychotherapy?

In decades of experience working with technical businesses, I’ve come to realise that technical skills pale into insignificance beside our ability to nurture productive collaborative relationships. If you’re in an organisation that wants to improve things for the better, you may find Organisational Psychotherapy of appreciable benefit.

I have for the past eighteen years headed Falling Blossoms – the UK’s first Organisational Psychotherapy provider – serving organisations undertaking major transformation change in their search to become more humane, people-oriented and productive.

I’m the originator of Rightshifting and the creator of the Marshall Model (Dreyfus for the Organisation), as well as Prod•gnosisEmotioneering and FlowChain; the enterprise-wide approach to developing software-intensive products and services.

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Reader Testimonials

John Seddon
John Seddon

I like the honest, open, serious style

If you think the way we work together in organisations is a given then take it from me that (a) it is merely human-made convention and (b) it is, most often, dysfunctional. Bob Marshall … provides a method to help people in organisations reflect, gain insight and take action to change the way we work together. Put aside any fear you have about ‘therapy’ for it is no more than a means to help us improve our collective assumptions and, as a consequence, improve our achievement of purpose.

Tobbe Gyllebring
Tobbe Gyllebring

A Book That Gives Me Hope

This is part invitation, part love letter: The invitation is to join the scary yet exciting unfolding of Organisational Psychotherapy (OP). The love letter is about the meeting of human needs, and the interpersonal relationships we cultivate - these are what makes OP work and it's what makes the work work, too. OP puts the focus on empowering change from with within. The book speaks of a more humane existence - and it's a book that gives me hope for the wider adoption of the OP perspective.

Martin Hogg
Martin Hogg

Astounding Insight and Depth of Understanding

Bob’s insight and depth of understanding is astounding. I’d strongly recommend reading his new book!

Dan Creswell
Dan Creswell

A Travel Guide for your Journey

Bob's going to take you to places you won't want to go or don't believe exist. Trust him though, it's worth it.

Charles Lambdin
Charles Lambdin

Check This Out

Hearts over Diamonds is the new book by Bob Marshall you should totally check out. #transformation #lean #agile

Hermanni Hyytiälä
Hermanni Hyytiälä

A Seminal Book. Highly Recommended.

A seminal book by @flowchainsensei: Hearts over Diamonds. Highly recommended.

Ian Carroll
Ian Carroll


Brilliant! 15-20 years ahead of its time.

Griffin Jones
Griffin Jones

Purchased Without Hesitation

I also have been following Bob’s ideas - and purchased without hesitation.

Sergey Sobolev
Sergey Sobolev

A Very Interesting and Unique Approach to Organisational Change

The book provides a very interesting perspective on organisational change and a unique approach of helping it to happen. Would be useful for both change agents and people within organisations undergoing change.

Piotr Kuczynski
Piotr Kuczynski

Inspiring and Revolutionary

I have found the concept of #OrganisationalPsychotherapy by @flowchainsensei a true inspiration for understanding and helping the organisations I work with become more effective and humane. His new book 'Hearts over Diamonds' is truly revolutionary.

Andy Tabberer
Andy Tabberer

Thought-provoking. I ❤️ it.

'Hearts over Diamonds' is so thought-provoking that it's taken two sittings to get through the Preface. Constant daydreaming coupled with furious notetaking. I ❤️ it.

Philip Hellyer
Philip Hellyer

A stonkingly good book

This promises to be a stonkingly good book. Bob's take on things will twist your worldview in ways you can't imagine.

Michele Sollecito
Michele Sollecito

Revolutionary And Inspirational

I have found in Hearts Over Diamonds a revolutionary perspective on the world of work, and a true inspiration for understanding and helping the organisations I work with become more effective and humane. Buy it and read it today!

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