Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial Volume 2 (BETA)
Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial Volume 2 (BETA)
Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial Volume 2 (BETA)

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Last updated on 2016-05-20

About the Book

Writing of this book is underway. We need your support! If you like the first volume and want to see this one built, please sign up, spread the word and purchase a copy. The more people who support, the more quickly later volumes one will be produced.

Welcome to the totally awesome Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial series! It's an easy gradual method to learn functional programming together. It's totally free for you to read online (at http://www.happylearnhaskelltutorial.com), because everyone should be able to learn Haskell!

You will start from the absolute beginning, so you don't need to know any programming. On the other hand, if you've had some frustrations with it in the past, then this way of explaining might be just for you!

By buying one or more copies, and telling all your friends about it, you will support us in building more volumes (we have big plans, which we'd love to be able to do).

Why is this series be easier and better to learn with than others?

  1. Tackling reading first, and slowly introducing writing when enough examples have been seen to increase confidence, because reading & writing are separate skills
  2. Exercises are built in to the subject matter, so they're not boring
  3. Many small, fun examples for each thing to keep interest: fun examples help with motivation
  4. Gradual, partial introduction of topics, in context: graded, less to take in at once
  5. Not so much theory introduced before the practical has been introduced (same as examples) which gives a context for the theory
  6. Pictures. Some of these are visual aides, which are useful as explanations: a picture tells 1000 words
  7. No assumption of previous programming experience. Almost every other guide available assume some programming
  8. Smaller sections because completing small things gives a real sense of achievement, which increases motivation
  9. Tackling how to deconstruct problems using both top down and bottom up approaches: most guides don't tackle this in a simple or basics-first way
  10. It's free to read and online, so able to be discussed in public - some guides are, others aren't
  11. Not so math focussed including "mathy jargon". At first, we keep the difficult jargon to a minimum: "frightening" terms like catamorphism, lambda calculus, monad, etc. are only introduced when appropriate amounts of knowledge are present through repeated exposure to examples, so that it's obvious what is meant

About the Author


GetContented is a business that creates a multitude of works to help its clients: we write books, do copywriting, build websites, create multimedia like video, 3D, 2D graphics and music & sound fx plus interactive works, create software and games. We are also very interested in helping others understand technology and programming languages.

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